Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today I plan on listening to a lot of Nickelback. Want to know why?
Well.....cuz on April 19th which just so happens to be Karlio and my 30th wedding anniversary...we are going to see them and Breaking Benjamin at the Amway Theater in Orlando!!!!!

OMG Nickelback is one of my all time favorite bands, right up there with Shinedown.
I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!! :0)

OK, anyway...April is a way's off so today we're just chillin' and hanging together and trying to figure out why we live in tropical Florida and are freezing are dang rears off. It is COLD out there.

Here's a few of the Kolinater. This I am sure will be the last year he gives me posing for anything "cute", so like I am, enjoy them cuz I know there probably won't be anymore. :0(

These were taken at my neighbor's front yard where she has this very cool looking "Who-Ville" trees.

ChristmasHat 013 copy 2

ChristmasHat 016 copy

ChristmasHat 020 copy

ChristmasHat 021 copy

ChristmasHat 006 copy 2

See that leather jacket he's wearing?
Well, it used to be worn by Karlio. When he outgrew it, it was passed down to Kyle James, who passed it down to Kody who, this year, has passed it down to Kolin.
Anyone who has ever watched Days of our Lives knows how sweet that is.
Hint: Bo & Shawn Brady. :0)
(No, I don't watch it anymore, but I did at one time used to be hooked, hehe.}

Have a great day everyone!!

Crank those there speakers. LOL!!



Ness said...

What's a girl gotta do to get an update on all those K kids?

No matter how Kollin/Kolin/Colin(my tri colored Chihuahua who is the epitome of prancing to the beat of his own band)is spelled, I find each one that I have encountered over the years to have personality plus and cute as all get out! Happy New Year, dear Kim!

Shiela in NY said...

Love that huge ornament!! How Kool that you are able to go to a concert of one of your favorite groups on the night of your 30th anniversary!!

Hope you enjoyed your day chillin' (inside, since you don't seem to like the chilly weather outside!). Although, come on up here to flippin' freazin' Upstate New York. Wind chills below zero tonight...and I'm about ready to head out there to shovel one last time for the day.

Anne said...

Hi Kim,

I also love Nickelback and Chad Kroeger lives in my community. I thought you might like to see the google street view and satellite view of his house. :)

type in 30690 Burgess Ave, Mt. Lehman, BC on google maps

Right above the red A is his house and studio. This google image is a few years old and shows it still under construction. He has a skating rink in his house among other things!! I love his new album. :)


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