Saturday, January 9, 2010

Root Canal

"Root Canal", just the very sound of those two words puts a quivery fear in me. UGH, pain, pain painful fears of dentists and drills.

Yesterday morning at 7 AM {yes, that's AM you read it right} Kolin was sitting in the dentists chair having the next part of his tooth treatment down before the final tooth is put in.

Unfortunately, he had to sit through his very first {and hopefully last} root canal.

Because I don't do teeth, Karlio sat with him and held his hand during the more painful parts a/k/a that needle stick in the gums.
He stayed with him during the whole canal, the cutting into the gums and the placement of the post.

I sat in the waiting room after the dentist saw my fear and politely demanded I get out of there. Whew....

Anyway, he did GREAT!
Root canals, BTW, are not anything like they used to be back in the day.

We got home around 8:30 and after scarfing down some Aleve and scrambled eggs, he quietly parked himself on the sofa and played some PS3 for a while.

Here he is, showing us his "post" or giant filling, it's the front tooth on our right...


Still numb, still smiling regardless....


So wanting to play, so wanting me to go away, so over the camera, so demanding mashed potatoes...


On Monday, January 18th, he goes for his final dentist visit where he'll get his crown put in and it will look exactly like the tooth his knocked out over the summer.

Ba Da Bing.

Have a great day everyone!!



Amy said...

Aww...poor kid! And, poor Mom too! It's so hard to see our kids in pain and miserable.
Congrats to Bear on his 8 yrs. of kickin' c's butt!!!!
Hopefully you're feeling better, and it's warming up down there. Our forecast says we're finally going to see the 30s this coming week after many days of below 0 morning temps!
Have a fantastic day!

Shiela in NY said...

My teeth hurt, just imagining what Kolin went through yesterday! :( But glad to see he was still smilin'. What a kid! :)

Hope you're warming up down there. I saw stories about how the iguanas in FL are falling out of the trees. Dumb question - is that a hibernation mode and they come out of it okay once the temps rise?

We just got some FLORIDA CITRUS delivered to us as part of our Christmas present. YUMMMM!!! :o)

Have a great day.


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