Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just trying some very late in the day window light. I had the ISO cranked up high and it was way grainy. Yucko!

KodyCannoli 007 copy

Even with all the extra noise/grain, I still like the kid a lot. :0)

Guess what? Guess what? GUESS WHAT????!!!!

I'll be getting something in the mail in a couple weeks {or less I hope, hope, hope}. Actually two things.
Don't want to jinx it but ACCCCKKKKK, I am sooooo excited!! LOL!!

We'll be watching the Jets today with hot wings, honey bbq chicken strips, carrots, celery, blue cheese, ranch, the works.
Yesterday I made a 20 pound Italian style lasagna. Ummmmmm, my 14 year old weight lifting/health nut/fitness all the way kid, who's picture is up above, ate most of it. I think we only have 10 pounds left. hehe....

So after we ate we decided we should probably walk some of it off, so we took off the the Target and mall. I picked up two more fedora's. I have this awesome photo planned, I've been envisioning it it for quite a while. A portrait of the kids' to print huge {at least 16x20} and hang in the living room. I had to, just had to have those fedoras. When Karlio spotted a leopard print fedora for Kaysha, that was it. {although there is a red one I have my eye on big time hehe}
Kody's is black with pinstripes....rockin' I tell ya.

Not much else going on. The weather is gorgeous today but apparently that should end by Wednesday when those storms from the West come through our part of the woods.

That's about it for now.

Think Jets green today youz guyz!!!! :0)



Anonymous said...

Believe, me, we're currently rooting for JETS GREEN!! :) Can't wait to hear what the purchase is, Kim! Something for your camera, I'm guessing.

We're to get 1-2" of rain tonight. :( Seems that the SNOW Arizona got is giving US RAIN. Go figure! Not good, as all the snow is going to melt and we could have some flooding.


Amy said...

So sorry about your Jets! We were rootin' for 'em!
Can't wait to see the photo you've got seeing your "work".

Anonymous said...

Your Jets and my Vikings...sad!

Connie F-G


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