Monday, January 25, 2010

We'll Get Em' Next Year

We will, I am sure of it. :0)

JetsFamily 005 copy

Heck if anything last night, the hot wings were freakin' GREAT!! LOL!



Shiela in NY said...

What a motley crue!! :) So, I'm putting myself out on a limb here. Do any of your boys (including the hubby) plan on donating their hair to Locks of Love some day? My poor daughter wants to but at the rate her hair grows she'll be about 23 before she can!! :)

Sorry about the Jets. I couldn't believe it. After I left my post I went back to the tv and was shocked at how many points the Colts had earned in that short time. Oh well, at least New Orleans has something to celebrate again. :)

Anonymous said...

Your Jets, my year! Let's go for that positive attitude.

Ours was extra frustrating since we fumbled ours away. We outplayed them but dropped the ball one too many times...gave it away 5 times!

ARRGGHH!! I went to bed and read because I was frustrated and we could tell by my husbands lack of response the outcome. Sad night at this house.

Connie F-G

Amy said...

Nothing like a good rivarly!! I am a huge Colt's fan so I had everyone in our house wearing Colt's blue!! (probably makes you sick) My husband even wore a Colt's t-shirt, he's a huge Eagles fan! I have to admit that I was worried about your Jets most of the game. Isn't it crazy what football does to people?! Better luck next year!! Nothing but love for you crazy "K's"!!

Kim said...


Amy...Oh, oh, could you???!!!! LOL!!

Sheila...OK, so the thing with the long hair started with Karlio. When Kody was diagnosed he said to me, "I am growing my hair out and I'll cut it off the day Kody is cured and donate it to locks of love". Me, never being one to really care for long hair was like "Oh geez, OMG, well..whatever".
Then one day his hair grew, and grew and I swear would grow overnight, which #1 made me extremely jealous since I have the slowest growing hair in the world and #2 kind of did this lil' "turn on" thing for me {sorry if that was TMI}.
Long story short, I LOVE long hair on men, I mean downright love it. So, I told him one fine day in the middle of a 100 degree summer when he was threatening to cut it off "Do it Buster and your as good as divorced".
Well, he won't cut it and since our boys thought it was cool, they followed in one day last year.
Kolin always wanted hair long enough to "head bang" with {he's got it now}. Kody is growing his to donate to locks of love.
So, some lucky little girl out there one day will become the recipient of Kody's dark brown, very soft, very well taken care of hair. :0)

Lisa in Canada said...

Hi Kim
De-lurking here to say LOL to your hubby's hair situation, 'cause we had the exact opposite when our daughter was diagnosed in '03. Mine shaved his head so they could be bald together, and by the end of her treatment I liked it and asked him to keep it that way. He's now very particular about it, keeping it smooth and shiny, and always has the best razors, etc. I'm also happy to report that our daughter, at 15, now has the beautiful long blond hair (though she has a little "help" with the colour!)
I've followed your blog (and family) since the Caringbridge days, so why I choose to comment on a silly thing like hair I'll never know, but some things in life remain mysteries, I guess.

Glad to see Kody doing so well. Gotta love happy, healthy kids!


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