Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Tooth

This past Wednesday Kolin sat at his final "new tooth" dental appointment.

I am happy to say, he is looking pretty sharp again and is smiling very big for anyone who will look at him. LOL!
Seriously, he is so happy...we all are!!

Many thank yous to Dr. J and his awesome staff for giving us our boys smile back again. We missed it a lot. :0)

newtooth 002 copy

It is still a little shiny but after about a week or so, it will blend in perfectly to his natural teeth.
Also, yes...Kolin will need braces one day. :0(
We have to wait for all his baby teeth to fall out and then...UGH...face that bill head on.

So, I got a new surprise yesterday. I'll post a picture tomorrow for everyone to see.
It's and I have already named her "Sparkly". LOL!!
Tomorrow morning "Sparkly" officially becomes mine. WOO-HOO!!!!!

Today's a Sams Club day so that will keep us kind of busy this afternoon.
Tonight the boys are all hyped cuz Karlio ordered "WWE Royal Rumble" for them and just told them about it this morning.
So, let's just say....they are tidying their rooms, making their beds, asking me if that can do anything for me, lol...I love it!! :0)

Oh, one more thing.
Kolin's new ADHD medication.
WOW!!!! Unbelievable, what a difference. He is focusing and learning and drawing.
Drawing? Yes...he has always been interested in drawing but now that he can sit still, it is being taken to new levels.
Yesterday I bought him an inexpensive sketch pad from Target and he has not put that thing down. His drawing, well...not to brag or anything, but for a 12 year old..they are amazing. So much detail, you wouldn't believe.
Kolin has what is called "Photogenic Memory". He can look at something and remember exactly what it looks like, in detail, so that he can walk away and draw it.
Plus, his school work has gotten so much better.
In Science this week, he was the only one in his class to score 100% percent on a fossil vocabulary test.
Pretty impressive since the calls genius didn't even score that high.
I'll tell you, honestly, normally I am anti-medication because I think it really is too freely given, however, there are kids like Kolin who benefit greatly from it.

I wonder if it will work for adults (like me) too? Hmmmm?? LOL!

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Hey, Kolin! Glad to see that you're happy with the new tooth! Howz about Mom posting a sample drawing for us? I remember being amazed at our nephew's drawings when he was young. I'm only able to 'mater' stick people! :)

Can't wait to see what "Sparkly" maybe a new lense attached to a new camera???

Kim, I am glad the meds are working for Kolin! I think I told you we have a niece that sometimes NEEDED her Mountain Dew at night to overcome her ADHD.

Hope you had a successful trip to Sam's. We've got that stop on our errands for later this week!

Melissa said...

Glad to hear Kolin's medications are working well for him. We just started my son on ADHD meds three days ago and I'm a nervous wreck. He's taking a new non-stimulant medication. We wanted to go the non-medication route with neurofeedback, which we're still doing, but it wasn't working fast enough. I was nervous about the meds, but hearing that Kolin does well on them makes me feel better!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful smile Kolin!!! Glad that dental work is behind you. Would love to see some of his drawings - sure wish I had that talent. Glad to hear the new meds are doing their job and way to go Kolin on your 100% - 2 thumbs up from this Missouri mom
Hugs from Missouri,

Anonymous said...

My Rachael was an amazing artist. Since her death March 1, 2003, I've been wondering what to do with her drawing stuff...some things have found their way to deserving hands. But, I still have sketch pads and some amazing pencils, etc. If your Kolin is interested, he can write me and I will send him my Rachael's tools. She created some amazing artwork in her 19 years with us. I can send you the links to her art if you'd like. Let me know. kathie Mayo

Kim said...

Kathie..we would LOVE to see Rachel's artwork. I know Kolin would be absolutely honored.
You can reach me here if you like:

Anonymous said...

do we get to see some photos of your sketches?
btw, you look great!!!

mrs pam


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