Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Hair And Locks Of Love

Some day, for sure, one lucky lil' girl will be come the recipient of this kid's long dark brown, very soft, well cared for hair.
Cuz, one day he is planning on donating it to "Locks of Love".

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***Sheila, Amy and Connie..read yesterdays comments***

So, yesterday we get a voice message from the Principal at the boys middle school. It was so cool. Lemme tell you what they are doing.
Each child and faculty member brings in one quarter to donate to Haiti. If they have 100% participation, they will have raised over $10,000!! Yep, that is ten thousand dollars! How cool is that?
Then they are buying food and putting together meal packages and we have an airplane waiting and willing to fly them all over right away.
The boys will be volunteering to put meal packs together and oh yes, they also volunteered to empty my purse this morning of all available quarters. LOL!
It's so crazy to believe that just one quarter can make a difference, but obviously it can. :0)

So, with that in mind..I am jumping off here to go make a difference in Karlio's life with a nice hot cup of coffee. It's the least I can do since he brought the kids to school so I could hang out and blog away. :0)
Loves ya Dude Man!!

Have a great day everyone!!



Janet said...

Go, Kody and the hair donation goal! Just a question about the Haiti relief program, though. So glad to see that people of all ages are reaching out to fellow human beings in need but raising $10,000 by everyone bringing a quarter? There are 40,000 kids and staff in your school? WOW!

Dot O said...

Whoever gets that hair will be thrilled. What a great cause Kody's is donating to.

You got some great kiddos there, Kim!

Shiela in NY said...

WOW - that is amazing what your school is doing for Haiti! I would have never thought about "a quarter per person" adding up like that but it sure makes sense. CONGRATS to your very caring school district!! I saw a story of what a NICKEL will buy, and I think people would be amazed...

LUV the fact that Kody is planning to donate that beautiful hair of his to Locks of Love!! I'm not surprised; he's always been so caring. Now, I do remember that Karl vowed to grow his hair until Kody was cancer free. And I recall the day (about a year or so ago?) that he was going to get it cut but never did. What I learned today is that YOU were the reason he never chopped it off. :) I'll admit I don't have a man with long hair so think it "cute" (if that's the right word) that you're the reason he's kept it. :]

Hope you're having a great day! After school closings yesterday due to rain we are now freezing cold again. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

There are 40,000 people in the school (students and faculty)? Oh, I have a $10 Starbucks gift card. Do you want it?

Jessie P - BTown

annieb said...

that will be one lucky gal...I do like Kody's hair short, but frankly, he can pull it off long or short. AND, I LOVE his cause...so keep it growing...

it is amazing that $0.25 can make such difference...awesome idea on the school's part...I HOPE they get 100% participation.

Kim said...

I know, the number didn't sound right to me, but I listened to the answering machine again and that's what they say. I dunno?
Jesse...OMG I would love you FOREVER!!
I got rear ended today {dang guy hit me not once, but twice}...I would love a cappi right about now. LOL!

Kim said...

So I'm sitting here thinking...they had to have meant kids and staff in all Lake Cty schools not just one school..right? That sounds better, right?

Amy said...

That is awesome Kim! Both of my girls have donated their hair, and were so proud to do so. What a lucky young person to get Kody's gorgeous locks.
What a great fundraiser for Haiti also!

Jennifer Meeker said...

That is funny that you wrote this yesterday as my 10yr old dauhter Emma donated hers yesterday! I was so proud of her. So is looking forward to growing it out and donating again.

Dottie said...

HEY Kim that is so awesome of Kody, BUT make sure you check into that cause I know locks of love had a lawsuit against them for not giving the hair to cancer patients they were actually selling it! I know Pantene started something after they heard about it......


Shiela in NY said...

Just a note about Locks of Love. From what I understand, they cannot use every ponytail they receive, due to the quality/condition of the hair. This makes sense to me. So they sell the "unwanted" tails. Hopefully that money is still put to good use; I'm not the one to decide!

I have heard of Pantene Beautiful Lengths and that they do the same type thing as Locks of Love (making wigs for cancer patients).

Sea52Jay said...

That's a great goal for Kody, he's so awesome. Several years ago Ashley donated 17 inches of hers. It's such a great cause. Love ya, CJ

Anonymous said...

how great that locks of love will be getting your hair, Kody. How long does it need to get before being cut?

mrs pam


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