Friday, January 8, 2010

Eight Is Great!!

And Bear, You are GREAT too!!

Eight years of kicking the snot out of cancers butt.

We love you Bear and we are all so proud of you!!

Keep up the good fight baby, you rock!!


Love you!!

Mom, Dad, Karyelle, Kayara, Kyle James, Kaysha, Kolin, Adriana, Alona, Arthur, Beverly, Kiara, Corey Taylor and Houdini

***FYI: Kody's next MRI is scheduled for Monday, January 11th at 7 AM.***



Shiela in NY said...

DITTO that from oh, about a couple hundred Kody fans. :)

I just noticed your 1 AM post, Kim. Sure hope that doesn't mean you were up b/c of being sick. :(

KEEP WARM TODAY - you thin-blooded southerners must be frozen about now.

Jenner said...

Keep it up Kody! You rock! Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen in WI


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