Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Raining Lizards And Floating Fish

It's true, it has officially gotten cold enough as to where our lizard friends are falling out of trees, freezing cold and kind of stu-nod {that's our family friendly term for "not all quite there in the head"}.

The fish are easy to catch and you can tell that from observing any local lake around here {and we got plenty cuz this town is called "the chain of lakes"}. All weekend we have seen tons of people with fishing poles and nets catching tons of fish from shore, where the water is warmer. The fish are cold, not moving much and catching them is simple. Just scoop and bring home about a dozen.
Poor fishies, probably never seen it coming. :0(
Sorry...I am such a non-fishing person, you wouldn't believe.

Since we're on the topic of fish, this is about the only fish you'll see me have on my plate, bought from a supermarket, scampi style of course {call me a diva, I don't care, LOL}...


This has nothing to do with fish or lizards but I like them anyway...


OK, OK truth me told...these pic's are leftover from Christmas. I have nothing new, not one thing. My bad. :0(
Thanks Mom for cooking up a storm so I would have something to blog about. :0)

It's about that time, the hell raisers will be getting out of school soon so I better get on that pick up line.

Have a great day everyone!!

Stay warm, we are still in cold here but it will be warming up more and more everyday till it gets to be 70 on Thursday and 77 by Saturday! WOO-HOO....I can leave the building again!!!!


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Shiela in NY said...

You know, I was JUST thinking today that it sure would be nice if our weather creeps up to the 30so the kiddos can actually go out and play in this snow we're getting this year. Very frustrating. We finally have snow (that doesn't melt the next day!) and now it's too doggone cold to play in it. :( We wanna leave the building too, Kim! :)

I did read that the lizards are in a state of dormancy, so I guess that's a good thing. Although, I suppose those people that are tired of them think differently! :o) Have a great night and enjoy that SEAFOOD!


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