Friday, January 22, 2010

Vintage Roses

While I am normally not a real big Valentines Day/Kissey/Lovey/Dozen Roses kind of girl, I am slowly but surely coming around. A little at a time.

vintage roses

Those roses were my start to V-Day decorating. While they might look cute and all, really, they are just some very inexpensive dollar store ones I picked up a few years ago. I took them out of the bin they were hiding in last week, price tags still attached, and plopped them right down in that sweet little shelf unit Karlio fixed up for me.
Ba-Da-Bing...V-Day decor 101. lol!

Today is the last day of the kids exam week, thank goodness. They have been getting out early everyday since Wednesday.
Kody came home with some AWESOME news yesterday.
Seems that on Tuesday he had his Science exam and was told yesterday that he scored a 95% (one hundred questions) giving him the honor of being the highest grade in the entire class!!
That boy is just kicking butt this year, I swear it.
His teacher was freaking out she was so proud of him and when she announced it to the class he forgot himself and blurted out "Holy Crap!!".
LOL...and then he told me that his teacher was so happy he didn't even get into any trouble. LOL!!

With our insurance issues finally ironed out, Kolin will be starting his ADHD med's again tomorrow. I have to pick them up today. WHEW...that boy has had a rough year so far, seriously rough. Fingers crossed he can get himself back on track very soon.
He is so, soooooo smart but he just cannot sit still long enough to focus on anything.
If school were taught in a standing up/moving around environment, he's do just great. hehe...

Anyways, that's it for now. Lot's of errands to run before I have to get on the 12:30 pick-up line today.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

OMG, KODY, that is AWESOME about your 95% on the science test AND that you were the highest in your class!!! BUT, I have to say....your comment cracked me up and I blurted out a good ole laugh when I read that. And, yep, I have a customer right about now!!! That's okay, was worth it! {Note to self: do NOT read Kim's posts while I have customers!] Kim, aren't ya glad that he was at least polite enough to not say the "real" word for crap?! ;-) LOL!

Dot O said...

Awe, Kim - such great news about Kody. He (and you) should be so proud.

I'm dealing with teen issues...sigh... I get exhausted just from rehashing things in my head.

Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Way to go Bear!! You sure do make us proud.
Sorry that Kollin has to get back on meds. We took Austin off his a couple months ago and he's doing good. He did get his first F on a report card but he's doing better now. I pray that Kollin is able to focus and sit down for more than 5 seconds!! LOL The meds really helped Austin and we are very thankful that we used them.
Have a great weekend!!


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