Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Somebody Stop Me!

Stop me cuz I am like literally spazzing over this...

My Life My Love My Oh Oh Oh Baby

3 inch LCD
12.3 megapixels
High Definition Video Cam
Self Cleaning Sensor
ISO up to 6400

Attach this baby on there, plant me in a garden and leave me there all day. Oh dang, imagine the possibilities!!

Anybody want to help a girl out and buy a nice gently used D80 body? LOL!

OK, OK...somebody stop me, or at least don't wake me from my Nikon dream.

So on with the more everyday stuff.

Kolin's appointment went great yesterday. He had a temporary crown put in while his new shiny porcelain one is being made in a lab somewhere.
Although between Novocain shots, drilling and grinding and several molds made of his teeth and sitting in the dentist chair for 2 hours, he did awesome as usual.
Next Tuesday he goes back for his final crown, he can't wait, I can't wait...truth be told we are all giddy over this little front tooth. :0)

Here he is on Sunday, happy as always. I swear this kid lately only looks super serious in pic's only when he is told to, otherwise he is a laughing, goofy clown.
And, we love him that way, a lot. :0)

GameDay 016 copy

That's about it for today. Hope everyone out there has a really great day today.



Shiela in NY said...

I'm guessing that link is to a camera that requires manual focus. I told ya I can't even fathom that, but I was impressed to see my sis got a new Nikon for her C'mas present. I thought of you, cuz you're always talkin' Nikons. :)

Glad to hear Kolin's appointment went well!

Anonymous said...

just read the wonderful news about Kody's scan!

Mrs Pam

Melissa said...

Ooh, I have a Canon 40D camera and just got a Canon 100mm macro lens for Christmas, and I can tell you it's lots of fun! It's kinda neat taking super macro shots of something, then having people try to guess what it is!

Kristi said...

Saw your picture on Pioneer Woman today! Congrats!!!


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