Friday, January 29, 2010

A Groovy Kind Of Luv

Even our reptiles of the lovey kind. :0)

snakeluv 002 copy

Most mornings we wake up to find them all cuddled up together.
I know it's because they are still a little cold, and trying to warm up but I like to think of it as totally getting into the V-Day scene. LOL!

Have a great one today!!!!



Liz Wilson said...

Kim I love all of your photos. I wanted to let you know that Winterfest at Community United Methodist Church is Saturday February 6th. Know you all love coming to it. Liz

Kim said...

Ohhh, thank you Liz, we will be there!!

Shiela in NY said...

LUV the cuddling snakes!! :) Although, in some odd sense, it appears one is squeezing the other for it's meal. :)


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