Friday, June 29, 2012

Adri Luv

I had Adriana yesterday, and it literally took all day to get one picture...that girl does not like to stay still for 3 seconds, I swear. :)

hawiiaan girl copy

Our house closing is in a week, the boys and I have so much work to do packing. Before we move in, we have to paint, replace bedroom carpets and have some new bedroom furniture delivered.

Life is crazy, and it's about to get even crazier...I can't say much right now but all signs are pointing towards Madison will be here much earlier then expected. She's a good size thou, so no worries. :)

We saw Kyle last Sunday, it went really did. Driving home on the turnpike through TS Debby was horrible, but we did it. It's amazing sometimes, the things I would never, EVER think of trying...I am slowly accomplishing. I guess it's true, I have to be strong, when strong is the only option.

Well, I better get busy because the rooms aren't going to pack themselves. Hopefully, my next update will be to introduce the world to our new granddaughter. :) Take care everyone!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


OMG, there has been a lot going on, we are busy all of the time...well, OK we are busy most of the time. LOL..anyway, so much is going on but let me first say that the most biggest news of the summer is...finally...after a year of looking...we are moving to a new house!!!! OK, so it's not new, it's built in 2006 but that's really new to us. :)
It's a beautiful home, everything My Vinny promised dream home, and while he was alive he promised me one day I would have it. True to his word, he kept that promise.
Honestly, we had been pretty discouraged, nothing was 100% "right", I looked at soooo many, and the boys and I could never agree on one.
But, for some crazy reason, one night going to get the boys Subway, I for whatever reason, turned into a road I had no intention on driving into....turned down another road and there is was....a beautiful two story house with a screened in swimming pool in the back. And...there was a sale sign on the front yard.
That's when I noticed that (I love numbers) the house number was the same as the house I'm in now, only two of the numbers were switched. There's a point here, I swear. lol! The numbers on my house now have a 419 in it (Vinny and my anniversary) and a 30 {the number of years we were married). As I walked into Subway that night, I was texting my realtor.
The next morning we were let in. As soon as I walked in I knew, I just knew this was my house. But, what really told me this was walking into the kitchen where I noticed above the doorway was painted "Faith Hope Love". Ummmm....if that house wasn't personally hand picked by my angel husband then I don't know what was. Honestly, if I didn't look at another room....I already knew I was buying this house.
And so, that day I made an offer and three days later I got the call it was accepted and today I found out that we will be closing on our 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom, two story, with the 20 x 21 foot master bedroom, with the beautiful in ground pool & lanai and three car garage right after the 4th of July....which just so happens to be Vin's favorite holiday. :)
We are so happy....beyond happy.
And, the summer just keeps getting better.
Karyelle is due to have Madison in exactly one month.
And, Kyle James is now at a work release center in Kissimee (south Orlando), finally after 4 1/2 years we are going to see him this Sunday!!!!!!
Today I found out the tumor that was found a year ago on my right chi-chi is still benign and there is no sign of cancer.
And so, though it has taken me forever to is beautiful.
Yes, it would be more beautiful and perfect if he were still by my side, but, I can't bring him back...however, I do know that he will always be by my side.
Always and forever......
Here's a quick picture of Kolin, it's been a really rainy summer so far, but as often as we'll find us doing a lot of this....
pooltime copy

I'll put up some house pictures real soon.
Thanks for stopping by and oh yes, happy belated Dad's day to all the Dad's out there. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Graduation Day

This morning my baby, the last of the litter, Kolin, graduated the 8th grade and is officially a high school freshman.
Can you see the orbs? This is the only photo that has them. :) Photobucket


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