Friday, June 29, 2012

Adri Luv

I had Adriana yesterday, and it literally took all day to get one picture...that girl does not like to stay still for 3 seconds, I swear. :)

hawiiaan girl copy

Our house closing is in a week, the boys and I have so much work to do packing. Before we move in, we have to paint, replace bedroom carpets and have some new bedroom furniture delivered.

Life is crazy, and it's about to get even crazier...I can't say much right now but all signs are pointing towards Madison will be here much earlier then expected. She's a good size thou, so no worries. :)

We saw Kyle last Sunday, it went really did. Driving home on the turnpike through TS Debby was horrible, but we did it. It's amazing sometimes, the things I would never, EVER think of trying...I am slowly accomplishing. I guess it's true, I have to be strong, when strong is the only option.

Well, I better get busy because the rooms aren't going to pack themselves. Hopefully, my next update will be to introduce the world to our new granddaughter. :) Take care everyone!!



Anonymous said...


I am so happy that things went well with Kyle. I hope his transition back into family life will go smoothly for all of you.

I will say a prayer that your daughter and granddaughter will have a smooth delivery.

I'm sure you hear "I don't know how you do it" all the time. The truth is you do it because what choice do you have. You (and your whole family) have always been an inspiration to me. Your strong love for each other and your incredible resolve make all things possible. I have all the confidence in the world in you and I'm glad to see that you are recognizing that in yourself too.

I hate packing because I usually get sidetracked looking at things I haven't seen in a while so it takes twice as long as it should. Good luck with the move.



Leeann said...

Hi Kim,

I've not been blog surfing in so long but today I was sitting in my family room and all of the sudden I had an enormously strong urge to check on "Kody K!"

I typed his name in my search engine to find your blog and in my search results, about five down, was an obituary for Karl. My heart sunk down to my knees and I was just muttering No, No.

I read the obituary with tears in my eyes. Then I came over and spent a long time catching up on your blog.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your true love and friend. I'm so sorry the kids don't have their father, who by all accounts loved them beyond measure. My heart is so heavy for you and your family.

The kids look amazing and so grown! You are beautiful and your grandchildren as well.

You will be in my thoughts. I find it so funny how Kody just popped in to my head. Also, we had a nest of cardinals in our backyard this year and two babies grew up and made it out in to the world.



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