Thursday, July 12, 2012

Busy Summer Update

Hi everyone... Sorry it's taking me forever again to update. We closed on our new home last week and have been so busy trying to pack up one house and move into another, the boys, bless their hearts, have been my biggest help. Thank God they are huge, healthy, strongs kids...they are such a blessing. Getting this house has been a huge blessing as well and if it were not for the love and devotion that Karl still shows us, it would have never been possible. This is truly the dream home that he always promised me. Moving in without him is still so painful and although I love my new house, it is still so bittersweet and unreal that I will be starting a new chapter in my life without him. Baby Madison is still not here. Karyelle had an appointment with her Dr. this morning and she says one more week. We are all so excited to finally meet this little girl, with this new life coming into our lives, it is a true reminder that life is beautiful and it does go on. Other then the craziness of moving, packing, painting, and so on...we are still hanging tough. As "My Vinny" used to day..."Failure is NEVER an option" For him...we will prevail. I miss him so much, more and more every minute of every day. I'll be updating with pictures real soon, my computer is already packed and I'm on Kody's laptop right now. Take care everyone!!! XOXO Photobucket

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