Monday, July 30, 2012

Just real quick to say, I really hope Comcast gets their act together soon and gets my desktop running. Also, Kody's MRI is scheduled for Wednesday morning...keep him in your prayers if you will. :) Madison is growing and healthy but still such a little peanut, she's only about 6 1/2 pounds. I'm going to transfer her pictures onto a flashdrive tonight, so I can load them up to Kody's laptop and get them on here. We have a puppy now, I tiny little Pembrooke Welsh Corgi, she's a cute as heck but active...very active. I named her Tiki Ohana. If anyone knows of any really good Gernam Sheppard breeders in Central Florida, please let me know...a Sheppard puppy is going to be Kolin's birthday present this year, it's coming up on August 25th. The kids start school on the 20th, which ia also Adriana's birthday this year. Today the boys and I officially started and finished school shopping. It's safe to say our local hip hop shop and Foot Locker consider me to be a VIP!! That's about it for now, I'll TTY soon!! Take care!!!! Photobucket

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