Tuesday, January 22, 2013

25 Months

Feeling drained...just totally drained and dreaming of getting away one day. (but right now it's just a dream)


Anyway, on a happier note, a few recent pictures. I know V-Day isn't for a few weeks but what the heck, right?

My silly Miko


My silly Adriana


Madison, the ultimate girly girl


Crazy things Kaysha and I do when we're bored...sprinkles instead of lipstick :)


Thanks for stopping by...hope you all have a beautiful day. :)


Thursday, January 10, 2013

33 Years

Today marks the 33rd year anniversary of the day we started dating...My Vinny and I.

For some crazy reason, celebrating this day always meant more to us then our wedding anniversary.
Maybe it's cuz of the day two young "know it all but looking back, not really lol" kids fell madly and passionately crazy in love at first sight.

There are still three things I will always believe in:
1) Love at first sight
2) Opposites attract
3) We didn't get to have enough years to celebrate this day together.

I was going to update my fast forward life status but today just didn't seem like the appropriate day.

So, that being said...here's a lil' picture of a lil' 'Glamdaughter' who I know as soon as he see's this, he is going to laugh is crazy spirit butt off.
This one's for you Grammpa!!


Be back soon everyone...thank you again for patiently waiting. :)


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Sorry, I'm late in posting. I will this week, hopefully today but for sure this week. Thank you for waiting...have a BEAUTIFUL day all!!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Can't Do It

I can't stop the blog.
I thought about it for a while, but after reading all the notes of encouragement and support I'm going to keep it going.
This blog is my heart, it's become a big part of my life.
This blog is my therapy..Blog and Starbucks and it's a lot cheaper then counseling that's for sure.

So...starting tomorrow I'd like to refer to this blog as a "Part Two" series.
My first book on my life ended, but Part Two starts tomorrow, and it starts with the introduction of Michael, the man who saved my life and has given me a reason to live again.

Thank you so much everyone. :)

Till then, here's something I hope will make you smile.
Her name is Alana, and she is the baby of one of my clients.
Alana was born a couple weeks ago with a hole in her heart. From what her Mom tells me, normally that hole closes within 48 hours, however, hers isn't, in fact it is getting worse.
I'd love it if you would all say a prayer for her health. They are in the process of seeing pediatric cardiologists for her.

I took this when she was 6 days old...





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