Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Stuff On A Very Cold Sunday

Wind Chill: 22 degrees. OK, enough already!! Hello? Mother nature? I am over it. Stop now please.


Anyway, yesterday some folks in Florida saw snow flurries. Yep, for real.
Unfortunately, we didn't. A little more north of us did though.
However, we did have hail. I saw it bounce off the car for like 10 seconds. Nope, I didn't get a picture. It was over so fast anyway and had I not seen it actually bouncing off the roof, it looked like rain anyway.

I did get this though, an icicle hanging from our palm.


OK, so it was like maybe an inch long...but technically it is still an icicle, right?

For all the non-believers that it could actually snow in Florida, I took a quick snap of my TV yesterday morning. LOL, I know, I know but I had nothing else better to do while waiting for the "history making weather" to start.


That's Tom Terry, our very handsome local weatherman. No ladies, I don't think he's single. :0)

We had a small celebration for Kody two nights ago. Kaysha made his cake this year. This is what it looked like {that's an 8 ball in the corner}...

8yearskody 005 copy

Dark chocolate cake, homemade icing and as of last night, that cake is long gone. Yeah...3 kids, 2 parents, 1 doesn't last long.

Lastly, a quick picture of the Bear from a couple days ago.


Normally I would ditch something with a shadow in his face, but I kinda liked this one a lot.

Here's another...


Lastly, my baby boy's hair which is getting sooooo long.


It is as soft as it looks. For fun I brush it and play with it while he plays blow em' up and kill em' video games. Sometimes he tolerates it other times I feel he'd like to shoot me to bits. LOL!!

That's it for today.

Hope everyone has a really great day today!!

PS. Oh dang, how could I forget?

That's 30 years ago today we became a couple. His pick up line: "Want a bite of my apple?"
FYI, I said "No".
For the past 30 years I've been saying "Yes, OK, alright, we'll see, not now, maybe later, now's good, quick hurry before the kids come back inside, and best of all...

I love you Baby!!"


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Shiela in NY said...

Gosh, to have hair like that, Kolin!!!!! I think I heard that your temps are supposed to be even worse tonight. :( Enjoyed the pics, as always.

STAY WARM, and "happy anniversary" (I always take note of our first date anniversary too). :)


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