Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What can I say...yesterday was another Monday, another trip to the ER.

KolinsBooBoo 025

It started out a little like this.
We had planned on taking the trampoline down yesterday so Karlio said to the boys...."One last jump cuz it's coming down today".
It ended with a trip to the ER and dentist when Kolin decided to leap {no doubt Jeff Hardy style} off the side, through the net and face first into a metal pole.
Kody saw the whole thing and when Kolin looked up his face was completely covered in blood.
Kody, bless his heart, tore off his own shirt, wrapped it around his brothers face and got him inside and that's when the commotion could be heard.
So..I get out into the kitchen where they were with Dad, and I hear Karlio say "We're going to the hospital". That's when I said "let me see...LET ME SEE!" and that is when Kolin took the shirt off his face and I darn near passed out cold on the kitchen floor.
FYI...I don't do blood real well. FYI...I don't do teeth real well and let's say Kolin's mouth had two of these major problems gong on.
A split lip, a mouth full of blood and a front permanent tooth that was now 3/4 of the way broke right off.

Fast forward the the hospital.
While in triage, which we got into right away, Kolin was being evaluated, I was pacing the floor, Karlio was still trying to find a parking spot and Kody was sitting watching his brother and crying hysterical.
The triage nurse actually stopped for a minute to calm Kody down. Karlio came in and tried to calm me down which wasn't happening cuz all I could picture was my beautiful skater/surfer baby with the big smile now looking like our toothless hillbilly neighbors.

The cuts to his lip were mostly on the inside and they didn't want to stitch because of the risk of infection. They took x-rays and although his mouth/tooth took the full impact, luckily his jaw wasn't broken.

While there I had called his dentist and found out that the dentist wasn't in, however, just by some crazy coincidence, the nurse tech. was and we were able to get him there so she could put a fill into his exposed nerve which made alot of the pain disappear.

This morning we took him back to see the dentist, who is actually one of the best pediatric dentist's around, and on Aug. 6th Kolin will have a nerve treatment done and a complete rebuild of his tooth. They say he will look exactly like he did when he woke up yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, Kolin is eating real soft foods only, popping Aleve for the pain and drinking everything room temperature. Kody has seemed to calm down for the most part.
Karlio will be trying to get in as much overtime as possible to pay for this new tooth and with the stores putting out autumn collections everywhere in the middle of July, wouldn't it be a great time to buy some funky hats for your cool kids cute lil' noggin?

Today I refuse to let my kiddo's outside. Actually, I doubt they will go outside without parental supervision until they are 35 and bubble wrapped snuggly, like a big ole' over-protective bubbly hug from Mom.

And for now, I leave you with pictures from yesterday.These are kind of graphic so close you eyes and click off if you don't want to see.
These were taken an hour after we came home. The swelling wasn't bad because Karlio iced him within seconds. Believe it or not, the swelling is worse today.
Also, his tooth had already been filled or you would have seen what the inside of a tooth with a nerve exposed looked like. Not pretty, trust me.

KolinsBooBoo 021

Still smiling...

KolinsBooBoo 022


KolinsBooBoo 026

OK everyone....that's about it for now.

Have a great day everyone..and please, don't forget to bubble wrap your little Hell Raisers too. :0)

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

That stinks Kim. Poor Kolin!

Jessie P. B-Town

Anonymous said...


Shiela said...

Whoa...leave it to someone to make a rude statement (yesterday) and not be daring enough to leave their name. Knowing you, Kim, you've already tracked down who it is, huh?! :)

SO SORRY to hear how your day went. I will say that the very first picture made me smile. But then I started reading. Poor iKolin. :( The pics didn't gross me out, but I imagine if you had shown some from right afterwards they might have. Poor Kody...sounds like he was a real trooper and quite helpful.

Sure hope today goes better. GOOD LUCK PACKING!

Shiela in NY

Kim said...


Hmmmm....can we cheerfully be reminded of chairs/balls/hot irons/webbed hands.
Thank you..thank you very much.

USMCwifeAMY said...

That is stuff for a mom's nightmare there!!! Aug 6 can't come fast enough, I imagine! (Poor Kody as well, I can only imagine how upset he was watching the whole thing...)

K said...

Kim they need hockey masks when they play outside from now on.

He's still a beautiful, ethereal child. I just love looking at his face. And your stories make me feel like I know both of them.

By the way, how about a Kaysha update?? Did she join the military?

Amy said...

That poor baby face!! I busted a bottom front tooth in half when I was 10 and we were camping. I had to wait all weekend to see a dentist!! Glad to hear that iKolin didn't have that long of a wait. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery.

Cheese Lady said...

I feel for ya, last week I was at work and my 12 yr old called and said " mom i plit my lit oten" I said huh what did you say? he repeated and an i was all like how the *%## did that happen?? He was on the tampoline and did 4 flips ( yeah right) and eat his knee in the end. lucky for us a EMT lives next door! hope Kolin feels better by now!

Jenner said...

Awwww Kolin I hope you heal quickly. Kody, what a great bro you are to Kolin! here's hopin' for a better rest of the week. Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim -

We are hoping Kolin is feeling better today - those boys are going to give you more & more Grey hairs each day...lol

Love you to and the rest of the K family.

The Muller's -
Steve, Patty, Elvis, Pricsilla & Princess xoxo


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