Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guess Who's Headed To The Beach?

We are!!!


Fun in the sun and Shish-Ka-Bobs on "Skrewers". :0)

We hope your day is a great one!!

Love, Kim, Karlio and the Krew


Leece said...

Lovely picture Kim and nice to see you in it too...just how tall is the bear these days he seems to have shot up. Love and prayers.

Shiela said...

OMG, Kim!!! I just got online for the first time since getting home and was GOING TO read your posts to get caught up and THEN leave a comment. Guess what? I can't help myself and had to write! Surprised??!!! :o)

Not only was your picture AWESOME - loved seeing you in there too! - but I literally LOL about the shish-ka-bobs on SKREWERS! My mom would love that!!!! :o) Thanks for the laugh...I sure did miss your Blog while we were away!



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