Friday, July 10, 2009

My Place Of Zen

My place of "Zen" {Zen
a Japanese form of Buddhism that concentrates on learning through meditation and intuitionis}
is a small room with a table and a chair and a full length mirror and speakers built into the wall and a surfboard hook to hang my stuff which I don't recall ever using...I just toss my things on the chair, cuz that's how I roll.

Oh...and it also has a bed that reminds me of a big ole' clam with plexiglass, a 20 minute timer and very, very warm light bulbs.

This, my friends, is my place of Zen....


When I am in there I cannot hear anyone call me by my name, or call me Mom/Ma/Hey You There, or hear the phone ring or answer questions or be asked favors or...well, you get the idea, right? I mean...most of us here are the "M" word {Mom} so you know exactly what I am talking about. me vain, high maintenance, spoiled's OK, because as long as there is breath in this body, I shall have a golden bronze glow about me all year round...even in the frigid month or two of winter when the temp. drops to below 60...Brrrrrr.
Even better then that, did I mention nobody can ask me for favors when I'm in there...cuz I can't hear them? {}

Have an awesome day everyone!!

No go forth and find yourself some Zen, no thanks needed...go in peace.

Love, Kim

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