Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Boys They Will Be Boys

And since they are boys, they are the reason why Herbal Essence 100% gray coverage hair coloring kits will always stay in business.


When they say "Mom, come outside and bring your camera" know they are most definitely up to something.
Gotta love them though, cuz the boys they will be boys. LOL!

Yesterday was another rainy day spend diverting another emergency involving one of our kids.
Kids...they can and will at some point suck the damn life out of you.'s done, it's over and now we can move on to another day.
So far the weather looks OK and so far our plans for a couple hours of going gator hunting are still on, if I can wake those sleepy, stay up half the night, kids up.

Our summertime news, though it was at one point wonderful and still will be has been postponed.
It meant getting away for a few days, just the two of us.
Now getting away will involve renting a huge truck and getting all our stuff from one end of town to the other.
New houses can suck the life out of you too, but it is soooo worth it.

Anyway, came the closest and I am happy to say your guess about Karlio and I renewing our vows on Sanibel Island Beach, new rings, purple & white sundress for me, purple shirt and charcoal shorts for him, a very cute purple bikini, a rented honeymoon cabin and ice cream eating out of a coconut was our big summertime news.
Ah will happen, it just won't happen this Sunday as we originally planned for. :0(

Well everyone, I better get going. Now it's looks like rain so I better go turn the weather channel on and see what is up with another day of wet stuff falling from the sky.
Boys + Indoors all day = Not so happy Mama.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

Whoa, that was a bunch of news! First of all, I sure hope everything is okay with those Krazy boys of yours. You sound like me a couple weeks ago...diverting the ER...

You know, I'm VERY happy about your New House news, but will admit I'm kinda sad about the fact that you and Karl aren't able to get away AND RENEW YOUR VOWS this weekend. I feel bad that it can't happen -- JUST YET -- but cannot wait for the day that it does! I'll be the first in the Online Reception Line. :0) So, you've got a new house to purchase and "a little bit of moving" to take care of first. Just a "few" distractions from your plans, but let me say how happy I am for what you guys will do eventually. These days being married for 5 or 10 years is an accomplishment. You and Karl have certainly surpassed that and to renew your vows shows dedication to the next 25 years!!! CONGRATS!!!

Have a good day...and NO SCARES for Mamma Bear, Kody & Kolin!

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Aren't boys are about the only other person I know who owns as many children as I do..LOL. I wouldn't have it any other way.:) Renewing your vows..that is awesome!! Be sure and post some pictures. :) I've never been married..have I ever told you that? Anyway..I'm moving back home very two weeks. If you need to get a hold of me here is my other email. :)

And thanks for all the commments on my blog.:)

Jodie G


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