Saturday, July 18, 2009


Just one picture for this morning cuz the pain med. I took for the first time last night is making me a groggy mess. So much for that, I think I will stick to good ole' tried and true Aleve from here on end.

Skaters 004secondtry

Kolin has suddenly taking a liking to skateboarding. He used to be more of a stunt bike kind of kid. Anyway, Bear's been teaching him alot these days.
They asked if I could take some pic's for their MySpace, so about 20-30 minutes before we lost all daylight last evening, we shot that one and about 50 or so others. :0)
I'll post more soon...soon as I..

#1. Get more caffiene in me and
#2. Get my mojo back.

Yeah, I'm a mess this morning. Hehe...

Stay cool everyone!!

Love, Kim

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