Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sugary Sweet

Just one of those days yesterday where we needed something chocolaty and sugary sweet, so the kids and I came up with these.

cupcakes 019

No joke, the whole kitchen smelled like chocolate for hours, which isn't really a bad it?

Anyway, because boys will be boys and because my boys have always been known for their mischievous mad skills, this is what happens when one brother says to the other...

"Hey, smell this"

cupcakes 021

Thankfully the receiver of the cupcake smash, brother #2 had a great sense of humor at the time and didn't try to kick the butt of bratty cupcake smashin' brother #1. It would have got real ugly I'm telling you.

Hopefully the rain will stay away long enough for us to get in some pool time today. Other then that and attempting some packing, today ought to be a pretty laid back kind of day.

We hope yours is a pretty laid back kind of chilled out day too. :0)


Love, Kim


Kristi said...

That is one awesome facial!

Sea52Jay said...

OMG Kim, those cupcakes look scrumptious!!!!!!! Ah packing, now I know you're having fun. Not. Don't know how long you have lived where you are but however long it is, it is amazing how much stuff you accumulate.
Thinking of you and wishing you happy days with enough sunshine for pool time and enough rain for happy flowers. Love ya, CJ


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