Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mailboxes, Spider Bites And Other Stuff

Sorry about not getting on here at all yesterday, but it was one of those days where by 1 o'clock I said to myself, "Hey Self, let's grab Karlio on his day off and spend the day sitting in the ER, just the two of us? How about that?" and Self said "Kewl...."

So there we sat, just the three of us...Karlio, myself and my spider bite {which had decided to continually get much worse over the weekend}, for 6 hours straight.
It was a blast.

Fast forward 6 hours...venomous spiders are a b***h and much stronger med's were definitely needed.

Fast forward to last night.
Rented a movie out of the red box at Wally while waiting on the prescriptions, came home, gathered the Hellraisers, tossed them some ice cream, turned the movie on and promptly fell asleep.
Am I an exciting date, or what?

Fast forward again to this morning.
Thought I could spend more time in bed being pampered only to wake up and find out that...
The kids I thought I could count on were still sleeping.
Karlio was called in early to work.
It's raining again.
At least there was still some hot coffee left in the pot.
I didn't blog yesterday.

So here I am...YAY!!

Before I take off to refill my coffee cup, pop a bazillion pills and figure out K&K's breakfast I'd love to leave you with this cute lil' ole' mailbox we found over the weekend...


Isn't that the most cheerful mailbox ever? It's almost as if it it saying "I know you don't want the $400.00 electric bill hidden inside me but I am so darn cute, open me anyway".
One day if I ever get a real mailbox and not the community street kind that I always get stuck with, I want a cute striped mailbox too, especially one in the colors of tropical lifesaver candies. :0)

Have a great day veryone!!

Love, Kim

PS. CJ...the picture of the spider wasn't taken by me..I just found it on the web for a creepy visual. Hehe...

Sheila, there is something I was supposed to tell you this morning and darn if I can think of what that was. Hmmmm...more caffeine and I should be able to remember. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Kim, be very careful with that bite. Paul almost lost his arm years ago from a brown recluse. Did they tell you to soak it in epsom salts? Really helped Paul, along with the antibiotics...and orders to "do nothing".

Love the mailbox!


Kim said...

Debbie, I did get the bed rest orders..but haven't had much luck with that today. :0(
My second kiddo got bit a few months ago by a brown recluse and almost lost her leg. It was so horrific looking that she showed her Dad and refused to let me see the bite. After lots of skin grafts and physical therapy she is OK..but that scar will never go away. :0)
Glad Paul is OK..spiders are pretty dangerous boogers.

Shiela said...

Okay....call me stupid. I never caught on the other day, when you posted the pic of the spider. You actually got bit by one of those??? I think you called it a brown widow the other day. Is that same/different than a brown recluse? I know the latter are very dangerous. My hubby knows a lot about bugs and animals and eracnids (sp?!) so he'd probably laugh at my questions! So sorry you got bit by that and having to go through everything. I did LOL about you promptly falling asleep as soon as the movie started. That's me normally, not even after bad nights of sleep, long day at the ER, and antibiotics being pumped into me. Sure hope you're feeling better. And....here's the "little sister" in me coming out...if doc said "rest", PLEASE DO!!! I know you have lots of packing but it will come in due time.

I'll be sure to stop by later and see if you remember what you were going to tell me. :o)

Feel better. Love,
Shiela in NY

Kim said...

Hi Sheila..
Yup, that's a brown widow and I never knew this before but common in Central Florida. They like to get you in your sleep. {{{shiver}}}


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