Friday, July 24, 2009

Surfer Kid Of Mine

Even with his mouth/tooth injury, I still think he is one darn good looking kid. :0)
These were taken last night about 20 minutes before we lost all the sweet evening light..I think about 8:15 or so. I love that time of day for photos.

Surfer 001 copy

Surfer 020

Surfer 007

Not much going on today, just hanging low.

Karlio and I ordered our new sofa/love seat for the new house this morning. Since the whole place is slowly but surely being decorated by me and I tend to decorate girly..I let him have free rein on the living room.
So...he found this beautiful chocolate brown and black leather set from Ashley Furniture...totally screams out "Hey a man lives here too". LOL!

I found a beautiful dining room set from Ashley too but got nixed...he liked it alot too, but not till we pay off the LR furniture. :0(

Anyway, I want to get more hat sets up seeing as autumn will be here before we all know it, so I better get to going.
Today I am working on a set for girls aged 3-6. Watch for it, I'll post it here first.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

Nice to see that smile, iKolin. :)

Kim, I love the DR set you picked out...EXACTLY what I'd love for my kitchen!!! And I also like the LR set Karl chose! It must be so exciting, getting ready to move. Isn't it next weekend already?!!!

BTW, is this gonna change school districts for the boys? If so, how are they feeling about that?

Have a great weekend!

Shiela in NY

Meredith said...

So, I've been searching your blog for your beach cupcake recipe and can't find it... can you let me know which blog month it was under. I want to make them for my nephews party

Thanks, Meredith

On a side note - i've followed your blog from the beginning and followed Kody on caringbridge since, well, long before blogs. And I'm just enamored with you, your family and love for life. Thanks for all the smiles and laughs as well as the beach cupcakes!

Kim said...

Sheila...nope, the same district..YAY!!

Meredith...Awwww, thanks!! :0)
For the cupcakes..look under the second post in May. It's called "Beachy Cupcakes". :0)

Random said...

Kim, that furniture is great. I am moving at the end of this month as well, so I sympathize with all the packing and choosing and arranging and packing and... well, packing... The difference being that all of my furniture will be from Craigslist, because I won't have the money for beautiful sets. Good luck!


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