Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday we woke up, visited our new home to take some measurements and that is when reality struck us right in the mug.

We have too much stuff.
Ummm, yard sale anyone?

While we are busy downsizing everything around here, here's a photo for the day...hope it makes you laugh as much as it made me.

Port-a-Potty's...they're not just for peeing in anymore.

Skaters 019 copy

Same photo with a lot of "BAM"!

Skaters 019 copyTOPAZED

Have a great day all!!

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

Leave it to you to find the color of a port-a-potty pleasing!!! :o)

Good luck downsizing...reduce, reuse, recycle...MAKE $$ AT A YARD SALE. (What the've got all the time in the world for tagging and displaying, right?!)

Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

I like the color of your new home. Toilet green

Kim said...

Our new home is beige and terracotta, though I do love green, it is extremely soothing and a great color for a bathroom. Hehe..dumb ass.


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