Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Weekend's Here..YAY!!

One week to moving day, already? I guess that means I should probably be doing some packing, huh?

Things to do today

1. Pack
2. Find boxes
3. Pack
4. Have coffee with Karlio
5. Pack
6. Remember to feed the kids
7. Pack
8. Discard anything we haven't touched/used/looked at/given a second thought in 6 months
9. Pack
10. Take Kody out for a mini photo shoot tonight....YAY!!!
11. Crash and burn for the night...holding tightly to a big honkin' bowl of ice cream, cuz that's how I roll Baby.

Other then that busy schedule, this is what my week has been like {in-between Emergency Room and dentists trips of course...LOL!}
Lots of this going on...


And even a few really awesome e-mails for my photographer/hat friends. Oh Baby, do I luv happy hat mail. :0)

Well everyone...I am off to go do #4 on my list of stuff to do.
I know I was supposed to start with #1, but I have ADD. I also read magazines from back to front. I have issues. LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!

Love, Kim

PS. Sheila and Meredith, look in yesterdays comments..I answered you there. :0)

1 comment:

Shiela said...

Kim, you're too funny! I love that you admit to your ADD and reading magazines back to front!! I'm at work -- and yet again -- I chuckled while standing alone at the sales counter. (Hopefully nobody heard me!!) :o)

I'm very impressed with No. 8 on your list! I've heard if you haven't touched anything in a year. You're gonna be really clearing out!!

So glad to hear the boys won't have to change school districts!!

Have an awesome day!



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