Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Act Like You Love Each Other

Ahhhhhhh....yeah, nevermind.


So, with next month being Kody, Kolin and Adriana's {who will be here to celebrate} birthday, I have been looking for some ideas for the boys.
With Kody turning 14 and Kolin turning 12 the days of the cute themed birthday parties are very much over. Touch screen cell phones? OK..keep dreaming my young Hellraisers.

Anyway...with the way they make my grocery bill enormous and all, I got to thinking that a food themed day was the only way to go.
Check out this cake..I love it!

Hamburger Cake

If that doesn't scream out K&K, then I swear nothing else does. LOL!

This year school starts the day before Kolin's b-day {August 25th}. Although he thinks he will get that free day off....ummmmmm, I don't think so.
Though, I have to day, he darn near had a hyperventilation attack when in Wal-Mart last week we spotted school supplies already being put out on the end caps.
Truth be told, I though it was just a little too early as well. However, thinking back on last September when Halloween and Christmas "buy me's" were out stocked at the same time, I thought that was totally ridiculous.
But, hey I guess that's just me...some people love it but it just creeps me to see 5 foot zombie creep and a 6 foot cardboard casket display with a happy "ho-ho-ho-ing chanting Santa Claus in an adjoining isle.

Anyway, that's life..what can you do?

Right now my life is calling me in a few different directions.
"Mom...can I make my own lunch" is one of them.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Melissa said...

I got my husband one of those Publix hamburger cakes for his birthday last year and it was GOOD!

Shiela said...

That cake is great! Let me guess...you're just using the picture and going to make that one yourself, right?! :) I've done that before (well, TRIED that before...) and didn't like the outcome at all when I tried to make my own version!

I know what you mean about how early all the supplies come out for school. For me, I have found that buying those supplies in July and then concentrating on the clothes in August is so helpful. I barely have time to get to a store any more so it does help me. Not that my kids like it, but oh well...! (I totally agree about the Halloween/Christmas stuff being out at the same time though. Ridiculous!)

Anonymous said...

Iam just ITA with you. School supplies were put out WAY too damn early here for me (and we start Aug 13, which is ridiculous to me. Everyone knows school shouldn't start until *after* Labor Day. I want to start a petition where kids get off from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I am betting K&K would be willing to sign that, lol.)

I mean, seriously, it wasn't even 4th of July when the crap came out here. Can we just enjoy the damn summer and see picnic stuff and 4th of july stuff and summer toys a bit longer?


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