Wednesday, July 15, 2009

iKolin and the Bear

Don't you just love it when you finally get two left at home and after years and years of calling six kids each others name, the pets names, their birth order number or "whatever your name is...just do as I say", you finally get it right.
No longer do I confuse Kody for Kolin or Kolin for Kody. I do still, however, call them "the boys".

So....when I needed Kolin the other day I called him by his legal birth certificate came of "Kolin".
What was I thinking?

After months and months of Kolin insisting his wanted to change his name to Michael, after his favorite movie "Halloween a/k/a Michael Myers, he has sort of finally gotten past that and now says he will figure out a way to change his name again to...



I give up.

Kody will always be, Kody/Kody Bear/Bear or Bear Bear.
At least I have faith in knowing that will never change.


Everyday is an adventure with iKolin in the house. :0)

Did you happen to check out those Sweeeeet chairs the boys are sitting on? We found those at a little Mom & Pop convenience store out in Ozella Keys. The whole place rocked my world with lots of bright color, mostly orange which is my color pop of choice these days.
If I could, I would have begged that man to sell my every one of those painted chairs. But, Karlio gave me the "woman, don't you even think about it" look cuz our car was packed full beach stuff and coolers and it would have meant someone got left behind and if I were to bring home another chair I would have for sure been the one left behind, I have no doubt.

Someday soon, I would love to go back there again on a not so super sunny eye squinting day and try these again. And this time, with outfits that the boys didn't pick out themselves. Who knew we'd find such a cool location? Not me. :0(

Well my friends, it is time to get my day rockin'.
My place of Zen awaits.....

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

Hi, Kim! I DID notice those cool chairs and was thinking they matched the mailbox post rather well!! :o)

It sounds like you're feeling better; I'll bet everyone's happy about that! Tell Kol - oops, iKolin - and Kody to have a great day! Just over a month and they'll be back in school. Time sure does fly. :(

Shiela in NY

katy said...

Tell Kolin my husbands name is Michael Myers. We get a lot of weird phone calls around Halloween when they show those old movies over and over.

lanette said...

Only two left at home?? Where did Kaysha go? We miss those awesome photos of her! :)


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