Friday, July 17, 2009

Freaky Friday Felines

We are down to two kittens, and they need homes...they need homes bad.
In order to get them a home I thought I'd take a beautiful, precious photo of two of the most cutest, innocent looking kitten faces the world has ever seen.

twokittens 006 copy

Ummmm...or not. :0(
OK, laugh if you will, tease if you must, but they are someones babies you know and she loves them no matter how strange they look.

LMAO...OMG...those two freaky felines just kill me.
Oh...sorry, my bad, I wasn't supposed to be laughing at them, was I?

Anyway, just another day in the neighborhood around here and I have a whole crazy afternoon to look forward to filled with errands, errands and lots more errands.
Oh and my Zen, gotta have the Zen. Gotta have it for two more days because Karlio has informed me that our new house adventure coming up in two weeks is costing us every spare dime and don't you just know it...Zen will be out of the question for the next month or so.
This goes for shoes too.
I can feel my stress level rising as I type this.
Please buy hats...need Zen.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

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Shiela said...

Hey, Kim. How did you guess? I DID lol when I saw those kittens!! :o) And ... sorry ... I also chuckled when I saw your plea to buy hats for your zen. If I knew any babies I'd be first in line. I think they are always soooo doggone cute!!

Hope you are feeling better (you're sounding it!). Have a great night. I'm walking at Relay for Life tonight in memory of my brother. It's...calling for rain...and possible storms. Go figure. But, I'm committed to be there!


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