Monday, July 27, 2009

Fiery Hot

And the sunset is pretty nice too. :0)


Centered, I know , but Karlio loved it so it's his keeper.

Anyway, that was taken at the end of our day yesterday...yep, "our day" kids, no packing, no jobs, no stress, no anything..just the two of us and the big blue ocean.
It was, in the words of Spongebob...

"The best day ever!"

And get this, we forgot the radio so we did something all day that we hadn't in a while. We talked. Yep, conversation...we talked about everything and anything and we laughed..oh wow, did we do some goofy laughing and some crazy remote control self portrait picture taking.

All fun things must come to an end though and it's back to Monday, back to daily living, back to...

Fun times, YAY...Blah. :0(

Have yourselves an awesome day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

What an AWESOME picture!!! Looks like an awesome day, and you two SOOO deserved it. After all, you've got one Krazy schedule coming up, with the move and all. And...just's a tease for when you RENEW THOSE VOWS!!!!! :o)

Hope you're getting your last-minute packing done. I'm actually busy working in a steamy, hot, humid, upstairs and am moving our daughter's bedroom into another one. She's been to Grandma and Grandpa's and we're surprising her with a new bedroom when she gets home. [Whenever anybody feels sick I'll send them to the new Pepto Bismol room! :o)]

Take care, and thanks for sharing that picture. OH - I'm sure the Anonymous person is the same one that's been making the rude statements lately. I held back the first time, then I held back the second time, then I made reference to it, and I'm sure this is what you want...MORE ATTENTION...but how about you get a life??!!! I give the K Family a lot of credit for putting their family "out on the web" and with everything they've gone through (some you may not even know about, just like all of us) I give them more credit. All you know about me is my name and the state I live in. These folks are sharing their life, and before Kim's Blog it was Kody's CaringBridge website and if you had any heart at all you'd know what this boy (and his family) has been through in his short life and you wouldn't have troubles with him putting a shirt on that supports the cure for BREAST CANCER. Don't be such a boob and how about you leave your name next time!!! Although, I'm sure Kim already knows who you are...

There. I feel better. [Don't feel like you have to post this, Kim....] You know I luv yaz! :)

Shiela in NY
Proud SUPPORTER of the K Family and, if Kim and I are right and we are half sisters somehow, PROUD AUNT TO KODY!!! :o)

Kim said...

Thanks Sheila. :0)

It's OK....ya know, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your family. That one in a BOOB for sure!!


Kim said...

BTW....what goes around comes around and as I see it...Karma is a freakin' bitch. LOL!

Shiela said...

Uh I've realized that I'M possibly related (since we might be half sisters)!!!! LOL!!!!!

I do recall, years ago, a family member being really mean on Kody's CB site. I actually hope it's the same person so you don't have TWO of them to contend with!!! :o)

Have a great day!


Leeann said...

Love the photo-
That is SMOKIN' HOT!

Anonymous said...

I just hurled my lunch! Thanks for putting your freak family out there for us to have fun with. You are our source of fun around the camp fire.

Dot O said...

I love this!!!!!

Kim said...

Seriously A, your the only entertainment I get most days too.

I'm Hot..Your NOT!!

PS. Freak is having only one nut.

Anonymous said...

You are a bunch of idiots

Kim said...

Hey A remember when your mistress Jamie from Putnam Valley used to fart in your face and you actually liked it. I still get the biggest laugh out of that. Your sooooooo, like nasty Dude! Some things I suppose will never change.
Now, go fall off a ladder and collect some disability cuz you are so unable to keep a job. LMFAO!!!!


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