Tuesday, July 28, 2009

R & R

That's "Rock & Roll", not "Rest and Relaxation". :0)

The boys and I did some school clothes shopping last week cuz while at Wal-Mart I noticed the employees putting out all kinds of cool new stuff and there was no way I was going to wait till two days before school starts to even think I can score something cool for those two Hell Raisers of mine to wear.

This year, for the first time, I let the boys have at it..picking out their own stuff and not getting involved....too much anyway.

Kody spotted this t-shirt with the tie printed on it and right away claimed it as "his". He then topped it off with a pair of black Dickie shorts and I added the vest...which he loves.
Pretty cool R&R style, don't you think?

Anyway..this will be his first day back to school a/k/a must impress every girl out there outfit.
We went out for a quick mini shoot a few nights ago and then hung that outfit right back up.
BTW...Kolin's brown surfer outfit was one of his picks, after I told him absolutely no way to everything in basic black. His pic's are a few posts down.

KodysDay 075


When the supermodel starts trashing the set...it's time to call it a wrap.

KodysDay 063

KodysDay 068

There will be more pic's from this series coming soon.

Right now though, I must get back to packing....which is a never ending battle, I swear. :0(

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

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Shiela said...

All the girls will definitely be watchin' those boys the first day of school!! :)

Have a great night!

Shiela in NY


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