Thursday, July 9, 2009

International Cuisine 101

I have kids that run like lightening bolts just hit them in the butt when the camera comes out these day.
This little dilemma leaves me wondering what to photograph everyday, since a blogger post just doesn't seem right without a little something, kwim?

Lately this problem of mine has been solved by propping up something that doesn't move much, that doesn't complain and that I can devour later on..but not tell anyone about cuz I am still on the perpetual diet of mine.
Oh wait..I just told the world...dang.

Today, as most of us woke up many of us asked ourselves the everyday universal question...

"What shall I make for dinner tonight?", just had them.
Pasta...not again, please.
Hot dogs...even the Goobers are nixing these anymore.
Grilled cheese...just had them for lunch.
Pizza...that falls under the burger category.

Ohhhh, I about something international?
OK...let's go "Asian" tonight, shall we?


Now there's something you don't see everyday...not in this testosterone filled carnivore household anyway.

Now please my friends...before you get to thinking I am some kind of international cuisine genius, let me introduce you to my little secret...


LaChoy....cuz even an estrogen filled, hot flashing, pre-menopausal blondette such as myself can open up a can and heat it up.
Thank you for the applause, though I feel I am not worthy. :0)

Have a great day everyone...and if those hot flashes start to kick you in the butt, think simplified up a can, heat it up and serve with love.
Any man in their right mind would never, ever question a pre-menopausal, hormone imbalanced woman. Not if he wants to keep his {bleep} intact.

Love, Kim


LeeAnn said...

Are you trying to tell us that you just opened up ONE CAN? With those two bottomless pit boys? Please revise with "Even I can open up 10 cans..." =)

Kim said...

LMAO...Leenn, your right, that one can was just for me. LOL!!


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