Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ozella Key

This morning we took off for the beach, the four of us.
Well...that didn't go as well as planned. As it ends up, the ocean water was too warm and at a dangerous level for bacteria. You don't want to swim in that crud...although I couldn't believe how many people were.
Anyway, the OCD in me kicked up bigtime in the form of germ-a-phob and so we sat around in the very, very humid hot sunshine for a little while longer and decided...enough was enough.

So..we packed that car of ours and headed out, but not home.

We found, just down the road a few miles a little place called "Ozella Key". A small little island where everyone lives in houses built up real high on concrete blocks cuz, well..they are living right on the ocean and hurricanes hit every so once in a while.

It was a fun trip, hanging in the A/C and pulling over everytime we saw something cute and colorful.

Here's two from about 60 I took today.
I know, only 60...I was having an off day. LOL!

These are from a restaurant that had gone out of business which just bites cuz it looked like the kind of place we would have loved to pulled over and had lunch at.



Big ole' props to Karlio for being really patient and pulling over each and every time I yelled out..

Gotta love a man that loves a strange woman, don't cha' now?

Well...we are pretty tired, OK..I am am anyway. Dinner is about ready to get off the grill and I am definitely ready to call it a night.

Till tomorrow...have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

the white writing on the black background is hard to read. It starts to remind me of mini blinds after awhile cuz when you look away it looks striped.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos . . . what I wouldn't give to spend a day with you, so you could teach me . . . I learn much better when someone shows me, rather than doing it on my own :o) Besides, I could bring you coffee ;o) Hugs to the whole "K-Klan"

Linda in Pittsburgh

Sea52Jay said...

I LOVE THE PICS!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome! Love ya, CJ

Shiela said...

Hey, K-Klan. I guess I'm too deprived to even realize that there is such a thing as "too warm of an ocean". That sounds awful! Love the pics!! So tropical!! Hope you're having a great Monday. When did you say you're moving? First of August? Now don't forget...everything you're packing up right now...if you don't miss it those are the things they say to donate once you've moved. (YEAH, RIGHT!!)

Oh, for the record...I've never had troubles with the white on black. And my Over 40 eyes are starting to do some funky things. I guess it can make a difference with pc's too. Who knows, but thought I'd give my Two Cents, even though it wasn't asked for. Sorry...that's just how I am!!! ;-D

Have a great one!



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