Sunday, July 12, 2009


After searching deeply into my innermost self, carefully sifting through all the clutter and bright ideas that got started and never completed {once again Adult ADD to blame}, I have realized, without a doubt, that I am a....


Never shall even the most insignificant snapshot be posted or heaven forbid the thought, printed, without a little help from my trusty Adobe CS4.
Never will I post a photo of my lovely self without nixing the heavy dark under eye baggage that comes from too many late nights on my fave photog. forums. Not when I have my blessed "clone" tool by my side.
50% lighten
50% normal

Defog was once a word I used to get the funk off of my cars windshield. Now I only think of it as my bestest friend who rids my digital photos of the gray gack that covers all digi pictures, mine and yours too.
I never noticed this before till I woke up one day and decided to defog my funkiness. I solemnly swear I will never not defog again...not ever.

My name is Kim and I am a Photoshop Whore.

I hope I have inspired for some of you to come out of the closet and hold your head high.
All hail the P.S.W's of the world!!!!!

Now go forth and "unsharpen" all your photos, which actually "sharpens" them which is lovingly referred to as "defog".
Confusing, took me a good long while to grasp that crazy backward concept. Sort of like clicking "start" to shut off your PC. Now what rocket scientist genius thought of that I sometimes wonder?

Have a wonderful one all!!

Love, Kim

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Shiela said...

As I've said before, I barely get those digi pics on my pc, let alone all the "playing around" with them. I did find your post humorous, though. And at 1 AM, none-the-less!! :o)

Hope you're having a great Sunday!


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