Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Really Radical Reptiles

This post has some kickin' reptile photos...but, since I know some of you are not the reptile lovin' type {Hey Tanya!!}, I'll just leave this little warning...


blog contains photos of actual snakes hugging and being loved by actual children. Owner of this blog does not take responsibility of any or all Hee-Bee Jee-Bee's who happen to fall off their computer chairs and spit sticky beverages on keyboards and themselves while accidentaly scrolling down and being looked in the eye by our sweet little slithery pets, Korey and Houdini.
We love our silly snakes, and hope you do do. :0)

OK, onwards with the update.

Yesterday was a perfect war
m weather day and since Korey and Houdini are reptiles, they are warm weather lovers..much as myself.
While most children love puppies who chew on everything and kittens/cats who only act oh sooooo uppity snobbish all of the time, here in the "K" home, in addition to being lovers of all animals everywhere, happen to have a thing or two about pets of the scaley kind.

All silliness aside, our snakes are so gentle, so docile that you'd stand a better chance of getting scratched by a cat then being bitten by our snakes..which, BTW, has never happened.
They love to squeeze
though, yes they do...but they squeeze in a loving sort of way.

We in the "K" home ar
e also "snake rescuer's", that being..some folks rescue dogs, some rabbits, some cats...
We love to take in neglected snakes, love them, feed them, get them all healthy, and then get so attached to them that we cou
ldn't possibly part with them.
In all honesty..I call our local ani
mal control center once or twice a week in hopes that someone has turned in a snake in need of lovin'.
So far the only ones they've found are too big to be released to a family {about 12-15 feet...sometimes more} a
nd are given to zoo's instead.
Which is a good thing because that just may be too big...for a strange snake anyways.
Korey and Houdini are 6 feet and almost 8 feet when stretched out {we measure their skins when they shed}. Although they will get bigger, we handle them constantly, so we have no doubts about their

Anywhos....on with yesterdays photos of a couple of kids, one Dad's hunky arm and two snakes who love us as much as we love them. <3 <<<<<<<---------- That's supposed to be a heart. :0)

Helllllllll-o Baaaaaby!!

{click on photos to view larger}

Everything around here is pretty good.
Kody tried out for track and field team yesterday but didn't make it, which bummed him out bigtime.

Kaysha, she thinks has an ear I'll be getting her into the doc's for a quick look-see.

The big news is that the "Cacoon Shoppe" will be up today.
These are something I've been wanting to work on for a while, and finally had time yesterday. Hopefully, I can wrap it up today and get those baby cacoon's on the net and in the home's of baby cacoon lovers everywhere.
I'll post here when it's ready. :0)

Welp, I better get going as Adri wil be up any minute and I still have a ton of stuff to accomplish while she in slumber city.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim


rocketbear said...

Babe, you know I love you and your crew. And I appreciated the warnings but still.....ewwwwww!

ROFL You are da bomb, lady. Don't know how you manage to get them so clear!

Cathy Bowman said...

I've always told you you take awesome pictures Kim and I know I was warned at the beginning of the blog but oh my gosh was that one scary pic of that snake. He was looking right at me. It was so close up it was as if he was going to climb right out of the computer. woo! deep breath. Okay. I hope never to see that picture again. No offense!!!!! Kody and Kolin-You guys get more handsome every single day. Kody you are getting so big you already look about 15 or older. STOP THAT! No, I'm kidding, kind of.......I love you guys. Just busy busy here. Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICS! I can't wait to meet them some day when we get back to Florida!!!! :o)


Anonymous said...

The snakes are beautiful Kim. The one around Karl's arm has a fabulous design! Enjoy them. We had one snake when my 28 yr old was a kid. It ate goldfishies. Ugh.
--Andrea (yes the one in Austin)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That last pic is awesome!!

COnnor has an Okatee Corn Snake that is also quite friendly.

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
Thanks for the warning Mrs. K. Acctually though, I love's the spiders that creep me out lol! I love the pics of the boys with Houdini. Have a wonderful day!
Love and hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis


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