Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Return Of The Pod

Can anybody guess what this is..or what it will turn out to be? :0)

I'll let ya'all in on the answer tomorow.

Tomorrow morning is Kody's appt. in Orlando at "Childhood Neurosurgery and Center For Hydrocephalus".
So....if you don't hear from me first thing, I'll get on and update when we get home.
You know, come to think of probably won't hear from me first thing because Karlio will be on here playing Zuma Deluxe until it's time to get in the family mini van a/k/a "The Green Machine" and go.

Not much else going on here right about now...but in this family, that could change faster then you can say "How's about a trip to Starbucks?"

I tried yesterday to capture a Mom's Day picture of the three young uns' I have left at home.
25 seconds into it and two very quick snap's later...all h**l broke loose and let's just say, it's safe to say...I won't be showing those pic's here.
Why is it so much more difficult with three? Bring on the original 6 pack anyday.
The good news is I put those last three on a guilt trip and today's a brand new day for another try.

The crazy news is I dreamt about life BK {before kids} last night. It didn't last long enough.
Am I the only one who has days in which I'd just like to look them little hellians straight in the eye and say "You know what little hellians..I'm just not into you."
And then walk away, get in the Green Machine wannabe Lexus, and blow a ton of cash on venti size Strawberry and Cream Frappachinos, a chick flick, a seafood dinner with extra breadsticks and olives, an on-line spending spree at B&H Photo and a new pair of Roxie flip-flops?

Oh...and then I woke up again. Damn. :0(

Have a super sweet, spectacular, awesome day today everyone!!

Love, Kim


Tracy from Omaha! said...

Being from Nebraska, that looks suspiciously like corn!!

ErIn said...

I had to laugh at your post! Just this past Saturday I was getting my eye brows waxed (1st time since january!) and we (my 4y/o son and I) were watching some lady getting her hair foiled. He was asking me about it and I was telling, "before you and your brother came along and mommy and daddy had money, mommy use to get that done too!" Aaaah, the life before kids, I almost miss it...

Lissy said...

it looks almost like a bat that is imitating a stalk of that's what im going with. a hybrid... a "born" or a "cat".....a cort maybe? that's my answer and im sticking to it! lol

and i will definitely be sending positive happy thoughts your way tomorrow!

have a great wednesday!

Anonymous said...

It can't be Bird of Paradise, can it??? I've only seen them once they've bloomed, so if it is that...they sure are ugly beforehand!! :)

What a pre-Mother's Day reflection today's entry was, Kim......

Hope your day was better and that tomorrow goes well for Kody.


Anonymous said...

Going to Dr. Gregg or Dr. Pattisapu? We've have kids go there. Many prayers for new eyes to see something. Love CJ


I'm going to say Bird of Paradise Flower too!


Good thoughts headed your way for Kody's appt. tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a Bird of Pair-A-Dice to me!!


Cheyenne said...

My guess is a future Bird-of-Paradise?

k68 said...

Bird of Paradise, right?

And re: the kids and being wistful about life without them.... my 15 year old was being a pest a few weeks ago and I told him so. He said "If I bother you that much, why do you keep me?"

I told him he was too big to put back.

That shut him up for a while. For the first time in several years he was utterly speechless. I will cherish that moment.... LOL

Good luck today, K Fam.

msmean1 said...

If you live in FLA you know that surely is a bird of paradise now unless Im crazy. Well maybe im a lil crazy but I will still say Bird of Paradise.....Good luck at the docs today! Hope all turns out good for Kody!

Thinking of ya!


Sue in WI said...


Hope it all goes well tomorrow. You know there will be many thoughts and prayers for you.

Just Lori said...

Thinking of you guys this morning. Keep kicking butt Kody!!
Hugs from Minnesota - where the snow has FINALLY melted!!

Sarah said...

Good luck tomorrow with the Dr. and treat yourself to that venti strawberries and cream anyways cause you deserve it!

lindsaydagrosa said...

my prayers are with you kody bear!

karenlamountain said...

Hi, Kim! Happy Mother's Day! I see that Kody is almost as tall as Karl now. Wow - they sure grow fast. I see the latest addition to your family - congratulations!!!! All the kids are getting so big and looking great. Sorry it's been a while since I've been in to see Kody. Life the past year in Albany, NY has NOT been fun. Hopefully, one of these days, with God's grace, things will return to normal. Glad to see everyone seems to be well. Looks like you had a great Momma's Day! All the best, Karen


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