Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby's Got Back Again

Just a few more...

This one was the last one...when Uncle Kody finally resuced her from the evil picture takin' G-Ma...

Gotta run!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Good morning K family,
I love Adri's cute hat and that shirt rocks! Have a great Saturday. Love, blessings, and bear hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Mama Bear said...

I want to wish you and the entire K family a Happy Easter!!

Have fun and be safe and share pics!! LOL.

Love ya,
Debbie B

Cheyenne said...

I love that picture of Kody and Adri.
Have a very happy and wonderful Easter!

Amy said...

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. I can't wait to see more Easter pictures. Strawberry Shortcake is getting more beautiful eveeryday. Kody looks soooo sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter K Family!
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis


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