Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm A Little Teacup...

A kind of unhappy teacup. :0)

I totally forgot all about this one from last weels try at Easter pic's...just one in the teacup, she sure wasn't having it. See the egg she's about ready to throw? Welp, she sure did wing it..right at me. LOL!!

In fabulous color dahhhling....

And the same thing in a black and white photoshop action that I made this morning..not sure if I like it, but you all know's all about the color poppin'! :0)

If any of you like the you go..

Simply Black and White PS Action

I made it in Photoshop 7 so it's not compatable with PSE {photoshop elements}.
Also, I give all credits to Amy from ILP for explaining the B&W steps. :0)

Kody's doing much better today, his headache has left the buling and he is back in school, collecting more phone numbers, I'm sure.
We have this little thing, he and I. Everyday I ask him if he learned anything and everyday he says "Yes"
Then I say "What did you learn?" and he says "Three more phone numbers"
The booger.

We have been noticing some changes in Kody, as if he is lost completely in a different world sometimes.
He has many autistic qualities..we think anyway.
Phasing out, flapping his fingers, etc...
Lately, please don't laugh...he likes to sit in dark closets. While most kids would be afraid..he takes a pillow and falls asleep. :0(
It seems to have gotten worse again and though they could be small seizures..his doc, in the past, said they aren't.
So...with that, today I am seriosuly getting some answers about getting a second opinion.
We were thinking Arnold Palmer Hosp. for Women and Children in Orlando.
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with that hospital? Good? Bad? And can anyone recommend a ped's neurologist there?

About the hat blog...I have no idea what's going on but apparantly it's under some kind of review for being a potential spam site.
I thought for sure I had it locked down in a way that spammers couldn't get know, with the copy the letters thing..but maybe I did something wrong. Don't know...but if by chance this goes on more then a day, then perhaps I can have the jellybean contest on here.
In any case...what I can't do is post new updates. I can view the site and publish comments but the "dashboard" won't let me in to post new updates.

Speaking of hats? Lori..please, please e-mail me!!!
Was I supposed to send you a hat? UGH....I am such a dork, if I did and I didn't get back to you..please e-mail me so I can get you one in a hurry.

Welp, we are under tornado watch again and it's getting pretty windy out so I better go find that cats and get them lil' boogers inside so they can drive me nuts wanting to be spoiled.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


leese said...

Hey Kim,
It won't be long before you'll have to wear combat gear trying to take Adri's picture!! She is just so adorable I can barely stand it, though I'm sorry to be giggling at your expense ;-> The child oozes intelligence and 'chutzpah' as far as I can see. All mixed together with the cherub look...what a combo.
Sorry the changes in the bear are un-nerving you. Us Mom's always are way in tune to our intuition. Hopefully its just the onslaught of hormones that are throwing things off - nothing more.
Sending hugs from "Joisey" :->

Christine Milczarek said...

i don't know if there are easier ones out there, but

is a free place to create a website. You don't have to pay anything, but you do have to put a cc in because if you keep it longer than a year, it is 14.95 a year. Not bad and it has templates to help you create it. You don't have to be a computer guru to get through it. My sister-in-law just created one two days ago and look how far she's gotten...

she hasn't gotten her example pictures up yet, but soon.

Good luck, maybe that helps. I also wish you the best in looking for a second opinion.

Anonymous said...

I loooooooooooooooove your photos. You have an amazing talent. We'll be in Orlando in two weeks...don't you want to take photos of my kids...haha?? Really though...this could be a good business for you!! Do you have an "actions" set up for your color pop? It's amazing.

Urban Blonde said...

You know what I like about the B/W one is that it has a real vintage look. It could have been taken anytime during the 60's!

As always your granddaughter is adorable!

Hope the tornado pfffts out and the K family stays safe.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

As usual, the pics are awesome! Will keep my fingers crossed gor Kody and that you get some answers.


Alisa said...

Great pics of the little one. I'm with you on the black and white. You use such vibrant colors that I love to see the way you make them all "pop".
Good luck with Bear. Keep on keeping on and getting him whatever help he needs. There are lots worse things in the world than a little autism! As you well know. I'm with him on the dark closet thing. If I could totally disappear for a couple of hours? It's a very tempting idea. I think my kiddos would find me. Or the dog. He's my momma's boy!
Stay clear of those tornadoes and have a great weekend.

Lauren said...

hey i dont know anything about those hospitals but i know all about autism/aspergers/pdd since i have it.
you can ask me questions if you want.


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