Friday, March 14, 2008

The Photograph

This photo is now a huge poster size and is on the wall of the boys' Doo-Jang.
How cool is that?

**Click Photo To View Larger**

And because Kolin has a pretty awesome teacher...that same poster is also going to be hanging on Kolin's bedroom wall, this weekend, just as soon as I find a poster frame big enough.

This photo shows two 10 year olds in perfect knife fighting form. Have I mentioned lately how incredible those two kiddo's are? :0)

Have a great night everyone!

Love, Kim

PS. Hey Tanya Nicole...when the DVD is made, it sure will be available on-line. I'll let you know when.


Mama Bear said...

How special for Kolin!! WTG!! I bet he is proud!
Congrats to both boys on their new achievement! The K boys ROCK!! So does the rest of the K family.
Have a terrific and safe weekend.

Debbie B

Kari Z. said...

Wow, what great accomplishments these boys have earned. And not without a lot of hard work. I was catching up on your posts this morning and read your 'book' as Karl said. lol I enjoyed every minute of it. It was interesting to hear what the kids endured during that program. Wow, that is impressive!! Your words about the world in which we live is so scary. No matter where you live, there is trouble for our kids lurking around each corner. It is very scary. Could you send the boys to Wisconsin so they can watch over my 11 year old daughter! I could rest a bit easier then.

Hugs to all of you,
Kari Z.

Kari Z. said...

OOps, sorry if I just sent that through twice.

That's alright - double the LOVE for the K-family.


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