Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

It's all about the green today. :0)

Sooooo...did anyone else totally gross their kids out by making them "green" eggs this morning? LOL!!

I can't stay on long this morning so this will have to be a short update.

The weekend was OK...those pic's you see today cost me a box of "Little Debbie Smores" last night and green cupcakes tonight. Ah well..what can you do, modeling doesn't come cheap.

Adri should be here soon and since Kayara won't get off work till 2 AM {she works in an Irish restautant/pub}, Strawberry Shortcake will be staying here for the night. Soooo, if you don't hear from me again today, trust's going to be a long day around here as I haven't done 24 hour baby care in a long, loooooooong time.

I'll be updating the new hat site this morning, so if your still not sure where to go..
Join us here...

From My Heart To Your Head...The New Site

I finally got that "ribbon baby wrap" completed and yesterday put together some tiny, cute "Jester" hats. I made Adri one hopefully she'll leave it on long enough for me to snap a quick picture.

Welp...better get some stuff done before she gets here.

Have an awesome St. Partick's Day everyone!!

Love, Kim

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Jenner said...

Happy St. Patty's day! Love the pics! Jen from WI


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