Friday, March 14, 2008

The Final Fighter Wins

Two night ago, Kody and Kolin qualified to test in PWCST.
They tested to advance to the next highest rank.
PWCST is an additional self defense class that they take three times a week.

Peterson's Weapons Combat Self-Defense Technology

Technical terms for what my children understand to mean...

"We will never be victims".

I've said this before and I don't think I can ever stress enough how important it is for a child to have a good knowledge of self defense.
As much as we all, as parents, would love to...we just can't keep them bubble wrapped and stuck in our back pockets forever.
Eventually they grow up and eventually they have to learn to survive in a world that isn't always full of butterflies and rainbows.
Sometimes those butterflies and rainbows turn into molesters and cold blooded killers.

It can only take one small child to turn the tables on an adult.
My children can...even Kolin, 4'11', 94 pounds, size 12 in boys....
He's a beast, a beast of a child that will, if ever needed in his lifetime, take the life of an adult who is preparing to do him harm.

Is this violent? Too violent?
Probably for some, yes. my world..I want to have my kids grow up to life a long, full and happy life.
In my world, young girls as far as the next town, 5 minutes away are being brutally raped by 5 men at a time.
In my world, children get kidnapped, tortured and killed.
In my world teen girls are being assulated in high school by boys twice their size because the boy didn't like what they had to say.
In my world, if you are a kid and you are "different", one will need to defend yourself against animals...animals we call humans. These animals find joy in preying on the helpless ones, our children.
In my world, just one block away are drug dealers with guns. Do they care who is in the line of fire when a deal goes bad? Of course not.
Do the addicts care who they rob for a few dollars? You better believe they don't.
In my world, every time I let go of my child's hand...there is someone out there wanting to hurt them.

My children will not become victims to violence..I will do whatever it takes to make sure of that.

Here's just a few photos {I have got a ton more..believe me..LOL} of testing two nights ago..

Here is Kolin and Jordan knife fighting with rubber training knives.
One is the attacker the other is the victim. The whole purpose is for the victim to turn those tables, kill or be killed so to speak.

Not to be outdone, here's our Kody Bear..

This belt could also be a shirt, towel, whatever is handy...and it can choke the life out of an adult..

Part of the test was "The Gauntlet", where person after person charges the victim, non-stop. The victim does whatever necessary to keep every attacker off of them.

It really is cool to watch a small 10 year old child, throw an over 200 pound adult to the ground again and again and again...

It's important to have adults not give kids a break or be gentle...that way the kids really knows what it's like to get an adult off of them. Children are not born naturally knowing how to do that...they need to know.

The night was a huge success. The boys went up a rank, they were awesome. In awesome that an instructional DVD will soon be made and the two stars oif this DVD will be...

Kolin and Jordan, who were absolutley INCREDIBLE!!

And...just so ya'all know not only are Kolin and Jordan both sweet, respectful, smart, kind, funny 10 year olds who make a great PWCST team.
They are also pretty sweet on each other, if you know what I mean. ;0)

If you got this far..thank you!!
Because Karl, who just walked behind me said "What are you doing...writing a book?"
I swear I get no respect around here. LOL!!

Have a great day!!

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
Mrs. K, I loved that post! Well said and so true. Congrats to Kody and Kolin for moving up another rank. Kolin, that's awesome that you're going to be on a dvd. Will this be available to the public or just to members of the martial arts school? Either way, it's awesome. What can I say, the K family absoultely rocks! Have a great weekend everyone!
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis


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