Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Move Over Desperate Housewives....

Bring on Paul McKenna!

OK...I watched it, I'm interested, It's fixin' to be shorts and tank top season and I'm doing it!!
Anybody out these want to do it with me?

LOL..OK, I'm not like, over the edge...yet.
Did anybody watch "I Can make You Thin"
with Paul McKenna
last night on "The Learning Channel"?

It was pretty cool....so, I figured, "ahhhh what the heck, I'll try it for a month, what do I have to lose..a few pounds, ummmmm yeah!"

Sooooo....if anyone wants to give it a try together..I'm here for ya.
Throw me an e-mail, we can exchange stories.

Not much else new here today, just another day in the neighborhood. :0)

Here's hoping your day is an awesome one!!

Love, Kim


Donna said...

Watched it while walking on the treadmill! I really liked the tapping thing for emotional eating. Anything that keeps me away from the Easter candy gets a thumbs up!

MarlaCharles said...

I have recently become addicted to that too! I mean it makes complete and total sense! We as a society rush rush rush!

I am game I will do it with you!!!!


Mom on the Run said...

Your hats are very unique, not to mentiona colorful. Have you thought of selling them at etsy.com. I am not sure how the website works, but I know of people who sell their crafts on that site.



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