Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wrestlemania Twenty Four

I'd say these two are ready for a night of wrestling. :0)

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Anonymous said...

Just looking at this post and my 4-yr-old said, "Awwwe...Did we go there and I growed up?" I didn't know if he was hoping to join in on the Wrestlemania, or if he saw Kolin and was looking into his own future??!! :) Then, he asked, "Who is that, Mom? And what is his name?" So that's when I explained who Kody and Kolin are. He asked if he could come visit, and where you lived.

"Florida, where Walt Disney World is."

"Really??!! He lives at Walt Disney World?"

"Well, no...he lives in the STATE where WDW is."

"Can we go there and see him? We can go to WDW and he can drive. I know he has a car, and I know he can drive..."

Just sharing a bit of MY morning with you. :o) HAVE A GREAT FIRST DAY OF SPRING BREAK!!



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