Monday, March 10, 2008

Color Popping..WIth A Little Help From My Friends

Color..Color...oh my gosh, ya'all know I am a bright, bold, color junkie.
I have to admit though..I am also a Photoshop action junkie.
So...if you'd like to know my sinful little PS we go..

There are many, I'm talking literally thousands of PS actions available on the net.
Alot are free and alot are pretty darn good.
When I first started getting addicted to Photoshop, I used a ton of free ones.

Most of them have since been deleted off my computer because for one reason or another..they weren't my "style".

Today I'm going to take you on a small journey down the color poppin' road I live on.

This should only take a minute so here we go...

I'll use this old photo from the old photo achives, here's Kolin and Paris..BFFL's.

This is my SOOC copy, that's straight out of camera, nothing done to it at all.
As you can all kind of bites.

The first thing I do upon eyeballing it is, run this action that I totally love, Phaunts' Sunshine in your Hand, set at 83% opacity, which lightens and brightens an underexposed photo like the one you see.
It does it without blowing out the skin, which is pretty important to me.

Personally, I think it looks better already.
However...color snot that I am...I want more, so here we bring on Leah's Color from the Leah's Color Workflow collection...
I also added more warmth {red} to this photo, which this action lets you do.

Still wanting just a tad more oomph, I went back to Phaunt's Color workflow and choose "Snap It" and set that at 75% opacity....

Almost done...

Lastly I cropped, burnt the edges, duplicated the layer and added a "High Pass Sharpen" filter set at 100% overlay for web viewing...

Now, if I wanted to print this, I'd set the high pass layer to "Soft Light" instead.

Sometimes I just have to have that little bit of something different, so I sometimes do a light X-Process and erase back in the skin at 50% or so...

There you have it, that's my color popping secret.
I have to admit though, alot of my photos, especially any with trees, rocks, water, textured/urban landscapes...those all get the special sponging and burning treatments..which I'd love to explain to you right now if Adri wasn't pulling every single hair outta my head....OUCH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta you all!!



Jaime from CT :) said...

Very cool demonstration. I will admit, I am soooo clueless when it comes to Photoshop. Even with your step-by-step instructions it is still Greek to me!

Lanette said...

I love what you did to the photo although I am not so sure Kolin appreciated your efforts based on the "hand gesture" he is giving you! hee hee.


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