Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunflare Is Cool

It really is. :0)


So, yesterday I put gas in the car and then started to drive out of our local Mobil parking lot thinking I forgot something. Looked in the rearview. Yeah, I forgot to put the gas cap back on and there it was sitting on the little concrete ledge with the gas door thingy wide open. So, I stopped the car in the middle of the lot, got out, put my hand on my hip, put on my "I meant to do that cuz I am so cool" look, got the cap, tossed my hair, ran back to the car, slapped that baby back on, slammed the gas door thingy shut, and left fast. Looked in the rearview again and realized that the other peeps at the pumps were still staring at me. Some were laughing. Some looked puzzled. Some were shaking their heads.
And, to make this adventure of mine even more interesting. When Karlio reads this he will just be finding out too.
I am sure to hear all about sometime after midnight when he finally gets home.
Lord help me...I am gonna be woke up I can just feel it.
BTW...Karlio doesn't like to let me out alone much. Days like that are his reason why.




Shiela said...

Awe, come on Kim...he won't be waking you up for THAT (gas cap...).... :o) But, at least it wasn't what I thought you were going to say. I thought maybe you left the hose in the car and drove off. You you'd see on AFV!

solid said...

your pictures are so cool

Cathy Bowman said...

LOL........Why was I not surprised that you did this........ahahahahaaaaaa....Oh that's great. I needed a laugh. Thanks Kim!


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