Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crash And Burn

After being woke up by Kody at 6 AM.
A long car ride to camp spent in a construction zone and bickering with the big brother he really does adore.
A wait at camp to check in.
Another wait to explain all medications to the nurses.
One incredibly long brother hug good-bye.
A walk back to the car in the 90 degree sun.
A long ride back home.
Non-stop talk about how much he misses his brother already.
Non-stop talk about his concern that Kody forgot his extra pillow and will he wake up with a headache or not.
Non-stop talk about just about everything in the planet.
One very uncomfortable bladder buster {mine not his}.
A stop at 7/11 {thank Heaven!} for a freezing cold slushie and a very urgent restroom trip.
A quick movie return to the big red movie rental box.
A slow ride home behind a huge red dump truck in a no passing zone.
We finally pulled into the driveway and about 10 minutes later I found this...


There is nothing like a sleeping hell raiser to melt a Mama's heart. :0)

FYI....that is Kody's pillow that he forgot and left in the car. Looks like Kolin will be sleeping on it till it's rightful owner returns home from camp.



Shiela said...

Awwwe. I was noticing the print on that pillow and wondered about the significance. Poor Kolin; sure hope Kody's not uncomfortable without it. I had to chuckle about your stop for a pee break, only to buy something else that makes you ... pee! :o)

Have a good night with Kolin. I imagine that rest will have him going to laaaaate tonight! :)

Shiela in NY

Dot O said...

Gorgeous photo of Kolin!


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