Friday, December 7, 2007

When Firey Redheads Speak...

I am soooo convinced...redheads are firey!
They want what they want, when they want it, when they're done...they are done, no if, ands or buts.

After shooting only a few pictures yesterday of Adri in her new hat..I knew I was not welcome to shoot anymore when I got one of these....

No...your not seeing otherwise cute as a button grandaughter threw me the bird. Can you believe it? :0)

These are a few more of the more...ahhhhh, sweeter ones...

Kody had a GREAT time at the dance.
Sadly though, one of the little 6th grade girls that was there tonight slipped on a quarter that was on the floor and broke her knee...pretty badly.
When Kolin and I pulled up to the pick up line, an ambulance came up behind us...hold cow, Kolin almost leaped out the car window fearing something happened to his brother.

But...we found our Bear, happy and waiting exactly where he was supposed to be.

Prayers for "Miss V", who was in alot of pain and real, real scared. We saw her being loaded into the ambulance..and it shook Bear up a bit.

Tomorrow Kody, Kolin, Alona and myself will be taking off for a day at Camp Boggy Creek. They are having their end of the year holiday/winterfeast party.
The kids will have a blast, as always...this is Alona's first year going..LOL..I can't wait to see her face when Shamu from Sea World gets there, or when she trys to eat her first ever galactic gobbler {those huge turkey legs you get from Disney}, or when she see's the rides, the games and all the junk food'll be so cool!

I'll definetly get pictures up over the weekend.

OK..I better run, the boys are watching Friday night wrestling..and I swear it sounds like they are doing some wrestling of their own.
Lil brats.

Oh...let me just tell you how super cool Kody's math teacher and tutor, Ms. Jones is.
Today Kody brought in his $5.00 to buy his dance ticket...but he was told they were all sold out.
He was so bummed because he was soooo souped to go to his first school dance.
When he came home he told me how he went to 5 different people including the school Principal and Asst. Principal and complained that every student should have a chance to go.
But...they told him "Sorry...but there just are no more tickets".
Welp, Ms. Jones typically comes over every Friday afternoon to tutor Kody. Today though, she called to check to see if Kody would be at the dance.
When I told her she could come on over becuase he wasn't able to get a ticket, she said to me "Does he want to go?" and I told her "Well..yes, he sure does but he was told no"
Right then and there you could hear in her voice..."Oh no they did NOT tell my boy no"
And with that she told me, "I'll meet him right in front of the get him here and I will walk him right in and I'll stay the whole time to make sure he is fine."

And you know what? She sure did. :0)

We love Ms. Jones.....and you know, I always feel safe when Kody goes to school..because I know in my heart that he is going from one Mom...straight to another.
She really loves him alot. :0)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

The world could use more Ms. Jones!
God Bless her.

Norton, OH

hanamae said...

I am so happy that Kody got to go to the dance! It's truly a rite of passage at middle school. Congrats to Kyle James and Meghan! It's all so exciting. I want you to write more about Kyle James turning his life around as well. It's so inspiring for all of us. I love your blog. Don't ever stop writing!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for teachers like Ms. Jones. :) Teachers rock!! As a teacher I would have done the exact same thing!!

Anonymous said...

HOW KOOL IS MS. JONES??!! That was really awesome of her! I have never heard of limiting the number of attendees, but I guess that makes sense w/the state limits of people in public buildings. {And what's this about $5.00 to get in?? I "complain" about the $3.50 my son has to pay, and tell him it seems like it was "only 50 cents" way back when I went to school!!}

Sure hope your fun day at Camp Boggy Creek was more than that!! I'm so glad Alona is going; I'm sure she'll love it. I always love hearing about your trips there!


Anonymous said...

OMG...I completely forgot to mention that "little spitfire" Adriana. What a funny picture. That hat's too cute -- but the hand signal is...something to laugh about!



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