Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two Warm Hats For Two Beautiful Cancer Kiddo's

Miss Lanette has chosen sweet Miss Sydney.
I'd love to post a link to her Caring Bridge website but I'll have to get permission before I do. She is a super cutie though. :0)

Miss Jennifer...
I believe handsome Mr. Logan needs a warm hat too, e-mail me Hun. :0)

Seeing these hats donated has lifted my spirits bigtime.
I wish I could stitch a hat for every child fighting cancer, sadly there are more children then hours in my day.
I will though, run this hat contest again because you all have no idea how much this has done for me spiritually.

I better run, I've got hats to make.

Puppy pic's, puppy name, puppy stats and all that warm nose puppy stuff coming tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone.

Love, Kim


Lauren said...

cool :)
if i win a hat elliott can have it :)

and i found a website i thought you would like... it's called "parent-2-parent" and it's a message board... it's for parents and grandparents of kids with reflux and other medical conditions. there are also a few young adults like me there to offer advice :D

Anonymous said... I getting closer to finding out the puppy's name???!! (Now I'm making YOU catch up on all my late entries -- SORRY!!)

BTW, don't ya love the thought of having doggy nose wax on all your windows again??!! :o)



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