Friday, December 28, 2007

Soft As A Grape

Two days ago we watched Alona all day.
Five years old don't nap...why didn't anyone remind me of this?

We played barbies, baby dolls, fort climbing, running around the house, coloring, we played school, Supernanny {Kody always has to be the rotten kid}, on-line compter games, and dress up, we did it all..and we did it over, and over and over.
I needed a did Kaysha, heck even the boys were getting wore out.

Five year olds have alot of energy and they love to jump on backs and get carried around...

Around 2 o'clock or so I had this great idea and I asked Kaysha to please, give me a quick 15 minute break, take the kids to see the neighbors new puppies.
Kids love puppies, puppies love kids and my hillbilly neighbors let the kids run freely throughout there yard to do whatever they please.
Hillbilly neighbors are very cool that way.

Whatever they did though, they were NOT to bring any of those critters home.
Did I say "To not to"
I believe I did.

They didn't listen, those brat kids of mine.

Why are they so darn cute {not the kids}?

And will someone please tell me why this one pup just had to fall head over paws in love with my Bear?

And why was this feeling of BFFL's mutual?

And will someone please, please tell me why this small dog with the huge feet has a name and lives with us now?

I'll tell you why, because in the exact words of my wonderful but extremely smart ass husband who watched the whole senerio go down, start to finish said..

"Kim, your as soft as a grape"

That's why.

Hillbilly neighbor..I owe you one Dude.

Have a great day today everyone!!

Love, Kim


Lisa said...

HA! Oh I'm so happy for you all - a new dog is a wonderful thing, and judging by the size of the pup he's going to be huge - I'm guessing is he pure Rotweiller or does he have a sprinkling of something else? Whatever, its a lovely ending to the year and a great beginning for 2008. Love and prayers for you all.

Jennifer said...

Oh, its so cute!!!! Is it a boy or a girl puppy?? And letting us know its name would be nice too Kim!

Dee said...

Kim, I believe you are soft as a grape but who could say know to those gorgeous eyes. Yeah, Both Kody's and the puppies... Oh My Kody looks so grown up in that picture. Is it because his hat is on backwards or just because our baby is all grown up now? Happy New Years to the whole K-family...
Hugs and Prayers

MarlaCharles said...

Awwwwwwwww i guess I would be soft as a grape too! That is one cute puppy and one cute kid, they go hand in hand ya know!


Karen said...

So So Cute! What kind of dog is he? What's his name?

Just Lori said...

Oh Kim, he's adorable!!! (The puppy isn't so bad either)
What did Kody name the puppy? A boy and a dog, no stronger bond.

Anonymous said... cute they are! Just remember, you're not only gaining a loving family member, but another subject to photograph! Woo Hoo! That puppy might be cute in a knit hat :)


rocketbear said...

Ahhh, what a cute prop...I mean, pup! ROFL You have no way of saying no to those eyes. You'd have to be made of pure stone to do that. And that pups eyes are pretty enticing, too! Can't wait to hear more about your new family member!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I went to our local animal shelter and left with a new kitten! I can't leave those animals there....that is why I have 3 dogs and 2 cats now. I know the feeling though.....look at the bright'll get lots of pictures! :0)


christie said...

Awww Kim , he/she is too cute!! I bet you will start making sweaters and hats for the little critter :o)

Awesome new header and look to your blog!!!

Have a great weekend!! Christie

Lisa said...

Hi Kim - just had this sent to me and I immediately thought of you :)

Dog Owner's Prayer

O Lord don't let me once forget
how I love my trusty pet.

Help me learn to disregard
canine craters in my yard.

Show me how to be a buddy
even when my sofa's muddy.

Don't allow my pooch to munch
postal carriers for lunch.

Shield my neighbor's cat from view—
guide my steps around the doo.

Train me not to curse and scowl
when it's puppy's night to howl.

Grant I shan't awake in fear
with a cold nose in my ear.

Give me patience without end—
Help me be 'A Dog's Best Friend'!

- Author Unknown

MarlaCharles said...


Look at my blog for pictures of our dog stealing snowballs from our snowball fight! Pets are wonderful additions anytime. Petting a dog or cat can make you smile when nothing else will!

Lauren said...

that puppy is beautiful... what's his/her name?

MarlaCharles said...

All puppies have a weakness, sounds like your new puppies weakness is going to be stocking candy lol!


Anonymous said...

How funny, Kim!! Ya really thought those kids would just go over and play???!!! Wasn't that 15 minute break you were craving so badly worth it???!!!! :)

Cute Rotty!! What's the name? (I know, by the time you get this and post it, I'll have caught myself on your daily blogs and will know the answer!!!)



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